Aug 1, 2016

To add to the tragedy of her death, now Kiya Kitchen's remains have not been released to family due to both parents not being able to agree on who the remains should be released to

I just spoke with HCSO Coroner Lt. Ernie Stewart. I was following a tip. To add to the tragedy of the Fortuna hit and run case, the remains of Kiya Kitchen have not been released.


They are at Global Mortuary. "Both mom and dad state they want the remains," said Lt. Stewart. "If family members cannot agree, then it becomes a civil matter."

I also spoke with the owner of Global Mortuary, Brian. He confirmed that Kiya Kitchen's remains are still there. He is waiting to hear from the parents, he said, and he confirmed what the Coroner said.

So, now in addition to the Court granting a temporary restraining order that Joe Kitchen filed for against Marcia Kitchen, and a future hearing on 8/17; this issue looms large. Marcia Kitchen cannot even agree to release her daughter's remains?

Marcia Kitchen has not turned herself in; both CHP and her lawyers have said they will not comment anymore until the investigation is complete.

Jul 31, 2016

People lined up waiting outside to go in for Kiya Kitchen's celebration of life

Hundreds show up to honor the memory and celebration of life for Kiya Kitchen.

The memorial will probably start a few minutes later than 1:30 p.m because people are lined up outside waiting to go in.

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  1. So Marci Kitchen kills her daughter and no is making it so her daughters remains have to lay at the morgue because of her selfishness. I am sure all Kiya's dad wants to do is to lay his baby to rest. And now this monster of a mom has the nerve to pull this? I didn't think Marci Kitchen could get any lower but, she has proved me wrong after reading this. Marci Kitchen you make me SICK!!

  2. Marci needs to accept responsibility for what happened. A tragic accident that could have been prevented.

  3. If Kiya had survived, her Father would likely have been awarded full custody of her (and her brother.) So in death: award him full custody of his little girl's ashes as is the only right thing to do.

  4. Wow, this is ridiculous! She won't talk to police or turn herself in but she wants her daughter's body to be released to her!! Unbelievable, was she at her daughter's celebration of life? This all is being drug out far too long! Has the CHP released anything new yet? This is getting worse and worse.

  5. To the best of my knowledge, she was not. No new information.

    1. Did you check for alcohol related offenses under her maiden name?

  6. How was she not been arrested, had all her bank accounts frozen, and her boyfriend been arrested for impeding an investigation. What the fuck is going on?