Aug 12, 2016

Only two candidates so far for Fortuna and for Rio Dell City Council

Dean Glaser and incumbent Tami Trent are two candidates so far that have qualified for Fortuna City Council. There are two seats and both are running unopposed.

This was just confirmed by Fortuna City Clerk Linda McGill.

Teisha Mechetti is one candidate has applied to run for Rio Dell City Council. Information for other candidates and who may qualify will be available on Monday morning, according to Rio Dell City Council staff.

Deadline to file is next Wednesday for Fortuna. End of today for Rio Dell.

Jul 25, 2016

AgDynamix's Teisha Mechetti wants to be on Rio Dell City Council

Teisha Mechetti, who has a business in Eureka, AgDynamix, wants to be on Rio Dell City Council.

See flyer below for issues Mechetti feels are important to the community.



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  2. just another pro pot advocate trying to stack the cards on the council. WTF.

  3. Its official for Fortuna-two council spots filled with two applicants. No one else submitted papers. Swear in will be in November after elections office officially approves the results.