Aug 12, 2016

Former City Councilmember and local businessman Chet Albin filed papers to run in Ward 2

I just spoke with Mr. Chet Albin and confirmed that he filed papers this morning to run for Ward 2.

As of 11:25, no one has turned papers in for Ward 2.


  1. Dear Lord.....did these two men just deceive the Public's Trust? Was this a coup to install a Right Wing Religious Zealot in MY ward???? Not happy.

  2. You are going to have to ask them directly. It came as a total surprise, even to me.

  3. I will John. Action speaks much louder then false way was this simply a "coincidence". I get it....all women on the lets replace the one liberal with a Right Wing Conservative.....cheesy move on their part. I will be more involved now in City Council meetings after this deceptive move.