Aug 3, 2016

$50,000 bail for both Silverio Sanchez and Brook Roll; both charged with alleged posession of meth for sale

Silverio Sanchez was arraigned this afternoon in Courtroom 4. Brook Roll, his co defendant was also arraigned.

In the current case, both are charged with a felony: posession of meth for sale. Sanchez has two other cases of alleged violation of probation. Roll already had three other misdemeanor cases scheduled in the early resolution court.

Deputy District Attorney Roger Rees was present for the People.

$50,000 bail for both. Public defender appointed for Roll. Conflict Counsel for Sanchez.

Bail/OR hearing is August 5 at 2 p.m and both were referred for a supervised release report. Intervention is August 10. Preliminary hearing is August 16.

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