Aug 3, 2016

$100,000 bail, enhanced, for transient suspect in alleged vandalism of coffee business

On 08-03-2016, at about 6:54 AM, an employee of Thanksgiving Coffee Company arrived at the business, located at 19100 S. Harbor Dr., Fort Bragg, and discovered that several vehicle windshields were smashed as well as a large window in the building. The employee called the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office and Deputies responded to investigate the incident.

Deputies found that during the night the windshields of 5 Thanksgiving Coffee Company vehicles had been smashed with rocks, in addition to the window of the building. There is no indication that the suspect attempted to enter the vehicles or the building, only to damage them. The cost to repair the damage is estimated to be in excess of $3000.00.

During the previous week many businesses and individuals within the city limits of Fort Bragg had suffered vandalism during night time hours, some of which was similar to this incident. Fort Bragg Police Officers had developed information that the suspect may be Justin Smith and shared this information with deputies and requested that Smith be detained if located.

A short time later Mendocino County Sheriff's Deputies located Smith and detained him. Subsequently, additional evidence linking Smith to the vandalism at the Thanksgiving Coffee Company was discovered and Smith was arrested by Deputies for a violation of 594(b)(1) PC, a felony. A bail enhancement was sought, and granted by the court, increasing Smith's bail to $100,000.00.

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