Aug 27, 2016

Rape, domestic violence, human trafficking of a minor, assault, gang participation are "non violent felonies?"

Prop 57 or the Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act, another misleading name like Prop 47 considers the following "non violent felonies".

50k bail for Polish national, 28 year old woman arrested for alleged child abuse; child died, bail expected to go up

A 28yr old woman arrested for  alleged felony child abuse PC 273a (a)  in Arcata. Bail is 50k.

There will  be a bail enhancement  because the child died.

Child was born 7/6/2016.

Alleged suspect's name is Ewa Misztal. She is a Polish national, and not a US citizen, according to my source. She is in custody, and has not yet posted bail.

Update: (August 28) Bail was enhanced to half a million.

Mother alleges assault by adult son on 1100 block of A street in Eureka; EPD checking it out

According to scanner traffic, approximately around 6:40 p.m. this evening, a call came im about a possible assault on the 1100 block of A street. Mother alleged adult son assaulted her. EPD went to the location.

This was an unofficial "scanner report on LOCO" page, I am trying to confirm/follow up but it is the weekend, and if any of the other "unofficial" reports pan out, EPD is having a busy night.

Thomas Lusk found mentally competent and criminal proceedings have been reinstated; jury trial scheduled for October 17

On August 25, after Dr. Ramirez found "defendant is mentally competent", criminal proceedings were reinstated.

Trial confirmation is on for October 6 at 2 p.m. Jury trial is scheduled for October 17 at 8:30 p.m.

Deputy District Attorney Stacey Eads is prosecuting the case. Conflict Counsel's Mr. Greg Elvine-Kreis is representing Lusk.

Aug 5, 2016

Criminal proceedings suspended for Thomas Lusk who was charged with alleged torture, rape and forcible copulation

Trial Confirmation was scheduled for August 4 for Thomas Lusk. Instead criminal proceedings suspended because Lusk's attorney declared doubt regarding his mental capacity.

Dr. Ramirez has been ordered to evaluate Lusk.  A report is expected on 8/25.

Jun 26, 2016

Thomas Lusk arraigned for jury trial, 13 counts include torture, human trafficking, forcible rape, sexual penetration, assault and forcible oral copulation

Thomas Lusk was arraigned on 6/23 for the jury trial in the 2016 case against him.

Lusk had another preliminary hearing for the 2015 case and was held to answer on all counts. That case was dismissed after the preliminary hearing.

He was arraigned on the 2016 case  for the following charges.

Nick Johnson's attorney requests "any and all information pertaining to David Ganfield as a suspect" and gets those records

On August 25, there was a hearing held at the request of Nick Johnson's attorney, Mr. Neal Sanders. The reason; records subpoenaed from the Humboldt County Sheriff and this included "any and all information pertaining to David Ganfield as a suspect", Mr. Sanders told Judge Joyce Hinrichs.

Those records were given to Mr. Sanders. Deputy District Attorney Roger Rees, who is prosecuting the case, stipulated to Mr. Sanders receiving and keeping the records.

Trial confirmation remains scheduled for November 3; Jury trial for November 14.

Aug 16, 2016

Nick Johnson, who shot at DA investigators in a standoff arraigned for jury trial today

Nick Johnson was arraigned on information this afternoon in Courtroom 5 for his jury trial for his alleged role in the  murder of David Ganfield.

Count 1 Murder, with special allegation using deadly and dangerous weapon, a bat.

Count 2 First degree Burglary, person present.

Deputy District Attorney David Christensen was present for the People. Mr. Neal Sanders represents Johnson.

Trial confirmation is on November 3. Jury Trial is on November 14.

His co-defendant Jonas Semore has already been convicted  by a jury and is set to be sentenced on September 15.

Benjamin Heidmann and Konnor Wright to be arraigned for jury trial on Tuesday; charges are the same as preliminary hearing

Benjamin Heidmann and Konnor Wright are scheduled to be arraigned on information on August 30.

The DA's office already filed the information for jury trial on August 19. Charges are exactly the same as the preliminary hearing.

I will update this post with dates on Tuesday.

Aug 16, 2016

Benjamin Heidmann and Konnor Wright held to answer on all charges in alleged attempted murder of David Seigl

A preliminary hearing was scheduled on 8/15 for Benjamin Heidmann and Konnor Wright. It was continued to this morning in Courtroom 5; sent to Courtroom 1.
Count 1: attempted, willful deliberate, premeditated murder with a special allegation that they "personally used firearms"; rifles, causing this to be a serious and violent felony.

Count 2 assault with a semi-automatic firearm, also a felony.

Count 3 Shooting at an inhabited dwelling. If they are convicted of this charge, there is minimal jail time.

The special allegation in Count 3 only applies to Heidmann, that he wore a body vest in the commission of the offense alleged in Count 3.

Alleged victim is Daniel Anthony Siegl.

Deputy District Attorney David Christensen is prosecuting the case. Bail was $1 million for each. Public Defender Mr. Robinson was present with Heidmann. Mr. Marek Reavis was present with Wright.

The People presented one witness APD Field Training Officer Don Arminio. Defense did not present any witnessses.

Arraignment on information is on August 30 at 2 p.m. Both defendants were held to answer on all charges after the preliminary hearing.

Family members and other supporters were present for both defendants. No other media was in court

Kirby Bay bails out of custody after $150,000 cash bond is paid

Kirby Bay bailed out of custody last night. His bail was $150,000. According to one source, a cash bond was paid for, allegedly by his parents.

Trial confirmation is scheduled for August 7. Jury trial September 19.

Jul 27, 2016

Defense intends to file 995 motion in Kirby Bay case regarding Count 3

Kirby Bay was arraigned on information for jury trial this afternoon.

The complaint filed by the DA has three counts. Count 1 stalking. Count 2 Criminal Threats. Count 3 Possession of a firearm by a felon with a prior; the firearm being a handgun. A special allegation for all three counts is prior conviction of a serious or violent felony or juvenile adjudication for negligent discharge of a firearm.

Bay's attorney, Mr. Marek Reavis said he intends to file a 995 motion because Bay was not held to answer on Count 3 at the preliminary hearing.

Aug 26, 2016

Hillary's idea of affordable healthcare? Epi pen; then throwing a major donor under the bus when gets politically inconvenient

Mylan donates to Clinton Foundation. Hillary Clinton expresses outrage at epi pen cost.

Is this Hillary's idea of affordable health care?

Then she throws a $250,000 donor under the bus.

Earl Orr pleads out before jury trial for the death of Jessica Hare of Philipsville

Earl Orr's jury trial was scheduled for August 29.

Instead he plead out this afternoon to voluntary manslaughter and will be sentenced to the maximum, which is 11 years plus 3 years for the use of a firearm; total 14 years.

 More details in press release by DA which will be out shortly.

Only one HCSO deputy named in gunfire exchange with David Fulton

The Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) investigation continues for the August 18th officer involved shooting that took place at 1770 Sutter Rd in McKinleyville.
The investigation has determined the deputies who fired at the armed suspect, David Allan Fulton, were Humboldt County Deputy Sheriff James Mowrey, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) Lieutenant Jason Caudillo, MCSO Sergeant Joseph Comer, MCSO Deputy Sheriff Ze Manuel Lima, MCSO Deputy Corey Bender, and Ukiah Police Officer Jason Chapman. HCSO Deputy James Mowrey was the initial deputy to engage with the armed suspect just past 9 a.m. The five remaining peace officers were involved at the conclusion of the incident.
No officers were physically injured during the incident. The CIRT investigation is ongoing and further information will be released to the public as it comes available.
At the conclusion of the CIRT investigation, it will submitted to District Attorney Maggie Fleming for review.

$500,000 Ramey warrant issued for one of the suspects who allegedly shot at Fish and Wildlife warden

On Sunday, August 21, 2016 at around 12:40 a.m. a California Fish and Wildlife Warden was on patrol on Redwood House Road in Carlotta, when he observed a vehicle and persons engaged in spotlighting deer. The F&W Warden attempted to conduct an enforcement stop on the vehicle when a person who was in the rear of the vehicle opened fire on the Warden. A vehicle pursuit ensued with the suspects crashing the vehicle off the road. The suspects fled into the woods and disappeared.
The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office took over the investigation along with the District Attorney’s Office. Investigators from the Sheriff’s Office and DA’s Office learned through their investigation that 24 year old Shawn Eugene Hof Jr. was one of the suspects. The Sheriff’s Office has obtained a $500,000 Ramey Warrant for Hof’s arrest.
Shawn Eugene Hof Jr. is described as 5’9’ tall, 150 lbs, with brown hair and brown eyes.

Stay tuned for release of names of officers involved in gunfire exchange with David Fulton

Sheriff's office to release names of officers involved in gunfire exchange with David Fulton, possibly by 5 p.m. today.

Humboldt Hill shooting suspect Brian Swan's jury trial continued at request of defense

Today, at the request of defense at the trial assignment calendar, the Brian Swan jury trial scheduled for August 29 was continued until October 31.

Brian Swan is the alleged suspect in a Humboldt Hill shooting that occurred in April 2016. The alleged victim is Robert Babb aka Robert Waters.

Aug 25, 2016

Tully fire, all evacuation orders lifted, fire 20% contained


571 acres

25% containment

ty OES, American Red Cross, Yurok Tribe, Hoopa Tribe, BIA, USFS, HIA, CCC, PG&E, NDF, and NDC.
Firefighters made significant progress today aided by more favorable weather conditions. Tonight,
firefighters will continue to construct and strengthen control lines and concentrate on the portion of
the fire that crossed Cappell Creek. Firefighters continue to survey the fire area to confirm that
acreage estimates are accurate.
Residents are advised to watch for slow moving fire apparatus, utilities vehicles and firefighters
operating in the area.
For more information visit and


 Acreage: 505 Containment: 20% Expected Containment: 9/2/2016 

Injuries: 0 Structures Threatened: 40 Structures Destroyed: 2 Structures Damaged:

Current Situation: Firefighters continue to construct and strengthen control lines. The fire is burning in steep, rugged terrain with difficult access. Surveys have identified two structures that have been destroyed by the Tulley Fire; one residence and one outbuilding. As additional assessments are performed, the number of structures damaged or destroyed could change. The evacuation center that had been established at the Hoopa Neighborhood Facilities has been closed by the Red Cross. Anyone needing assistance from the Red Cross can call 1(866) 272-2237 Mandatory Evacuation Orders have been lifted. Residents are advised to watch for slow moving fire apparatus and utilities vehicles operating in the area. For more information visit and Evacuations: Mandatory: All mandatory evacuation orders have been lifted. Warnings: The areas formerly identified under a mandatory evacuation have been downgraded to evacuation warnings. Residents in warning areas should remain vigilant should the need arise to leave the area. Evacuation Centers: None Closures: None 

Setting of preliminary hearing for Broc and Colt Tuel continued until October 12

A disposition and reset hearing is scheduled today, August 25 for Broc and Colt Tuel at 2 p.m. There is also a motion for discovery filed by Colt Tuel's attorney, Mr. Michael Robinson, scheduled for the same time. Mr. Patrik Griego is representing Broc Tuel.

Today's hearing was continued until October 12th for the discovery motion and setting of preliminary hearing.

Jun 26, 2016

Defense requests continuance for preliminary hearing for Broc and Colt Tuel, alleged suspects in Humboldt Hill shooting

Since the Tuel brothers, Broc and Colt, made bail this week, there was no need for a OR/Bail hearing June 23.

I took Austin Allison's sister's offer up to share her facebook post about contributions from out of the area

So Austin Allison needs contributions from out of the area?

Linda Atkins, North Coast People's alliance and all those "local" backers could not garner enough support locally?

Just like Austin Allison changed his facebook to state living in Eureka, after that was pointed in comments; let's see how fast this profile gets switched to private. Text included below.

Sally Allison DeLeon, who lives in Colorado, shared this on her facebook:

$100,000 bail set for Raymond Preschern arraigned on one count of voluntary manslaughter

Raymond Preschern was arraigned in Courtroom 5 this afternoon on one count of voluntary manslaughter. Alleged victim is Khanh Lam.

$100,000 bail. Time not waived. Preliminary hearing September 8.

DDA Roger Rees and Carolyn Schaffer prosecuting; public defender appointed for Preschern.

Preschern had glasses on in court today.

He was recently arrested on a Ramey warrant.

Previous post:

Dept of Homeland Security contacts Humboldt County Drug Task Force about alleged cocaine shipment from Costa Rica

 In early August 2016 the Humboldt County Drug Task Force was contacted by the Department of Homeland Security regarding a package containing approximately 3 ounces of suspected cocaine that had been shipped to an address in Arcata from Costa Rica.  The Drug Task Force began an investigation into the parcel and its recipients.

"He been committed to this for a while; he didn't jump in at the last minute"

Service for David Fulton on August 29 at New Hope Church

Family and friends of David Fulton will gather August 29 to remember Fulton. Anyone who wishes to pay respects can go to the service, which will be on  Monday, August 29 at 1pm at New Hope Church of God on Sutter Road.

Aug 24, 2016

Second alleged victim in McMullens motel sorta defends Maxx Robison, says there were 4 men involved; does law enforcement have the right guy?

I was contacted by the second alleged victim in the Maxx Robison case, Elisha Mansell.

He was with Rhianna McKenzie in the car at the time of the alleged shooting.

I have talked with Elisha, I have verified his contact information. I have a voicemail message from him.

In that message, Elisha told me he tried to leave a comment on my last post in this case.. He gave me permission to use his photo and what he said in the voicemail message.

Any information in this post is what has been told to me by Elisha. I think it deserves further investigation because if more people are involved, then public safety is at risk with only one person in custody.

Elisha said "there were four men waiting for them...Maxx was one of them...he called Maxx a pawn in this whole thing...said that he has never spoken to Maxx to get his side of the story."

Some evacuation orders lifted for Tulley Fire; acces through area coordinated by Yurok Tribe

 The road closure at the intersection of Highway 169 and Martin’s
Ferry Bridge will be opened to residents only from 7:30 PM until midnight tonight. From midnight until 8:00 AM tomorrow, all access will be denied.
Access through the area will be coordinated by the Yurok Tribe.
The road closure at Highway 169 and Cappell/Kep’el Road will remain in effect.
Please exercise caution when travelling through the area. Emergency responders will be working
throughout the evacuation and fire areas.
The cancellation of additional evacuation orders are being evaluated based on a variety of factors,
including potential fire behavior, and the re-establishment of crucial infrastructure.

As if CHP isn't busy enough, overturned box truck blocks Marin-Sonoma line

As if CHP isn't busy enough.

According to State Senator Mike MGuire:

"Big, big challenges tonight @ the Marin-Sonoma line. SB Hwy 101 remains blocked by by an overturned box truck. CHP will be opening up the dirt shoulder shortly. pic: CHP."

As of 6:20, "SB Hwy 101 at the Marin-Sonoma line is now open. Significant delays continue."

McMullens motel shooting suspect Maxx Robison's preliminary hearing vacated

McMullens Motel shooting suspect's preliminary hearing on August 30 has been vacated after a defense motion for a continuance was granted this afternoon.

A disposition and reset hearing is scheduled for October 12.

Deputy District Attorney Roger Rees was present for the People. Public Defender Ms. Jennifer Dixon is representing Robison.

In the defense motion, the defense said that the Public Defender's office had technical issues with accessing substantial discovery given on August 1; they had received additional discovery this week and their investigator was unavailable due to medical issues until recently.

The court granted the defense motion. Robison entered a 60 day time waiver today.

Previous post:

Help HCSO with another Sohum suspicious death investigation

On July 6, 2016 Raymond Earl Preschern was arrested by the Portland Bureau of Police in Oregon on a Humboldt County Superior Court Ramey warrant for the murder of Khanh Lam. Preschern was extradited and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on Friday, August 19, 2016.

Over 400 surveys received for Cooper Gulch Common Ground first phase input; on to Phase 2

Aaron Ostrom is thrilled with the response to the first request for input.

"We've received over 400 surveys! Thank you! Now we are on to Phase 2, Social Pin Point. Check this out. We would love your direct input here as well. This will have a direct connection, as well as the surveys, as to what we will focus on in the Master

Mckinleyville Chamber of Commerce Mega Mixer tomorrow at Azalea Hall

"Join us at Azalea Hall tomorrow from 5:30 to 7 pm for this year's MegaMixer sponsored by Mad River Radio and McKinleyville Community Services District.  Visit with our participating businesses:  Bay Point Mortgage, Cal Or Life Flight, Dalianes Travel, Eureka Payments, Green Diamond, JB Maryn, McKinleyville Lions Club, Master-Mind Alliance, McKinleyville Parks & Rec, Ming Tree Realtors, New Trend Wireless, Quilts for Comfort, Redwood Parks Conservancy, Tensor IT, Rodan & Fields, Serv Pro of Eureka, Shred Aware, Bio Waste, Developed Employment, State Farm Insurance and Wayne's Automotive!"

Cal Fire Incident Management Team takes over Tully fire operations

At 12:00 PM on August 24, 2016, CAL FIRE Incident Management Team 3 will assume command of the Tulley Fire in Humboldt County. CAL FIRE operates 6  Type 1, all-risk incident management teams whose members are drawn from public safety agencies across California.

The teams are organized to provide command and control of emergency incidents and support of communities and agencies stressed by large-scale emergencies.

Fire related information will be distributed by the team through established channels already existing in Humboldt County.
Law enforcement related information will continue to be distributed by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department through established channels. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department can be contacted at (707) 445-7275.

Humboldt County OES will continue to distribute health and other related information. They can be contacted at (707) 268-2500.

Vegetation fire this morning at Crescent City contained

Vegetation fire this morning at Crescent City Airport at 0733.

2.5 acres of grass and light brush, slow rate of spread, contained by initial attack resources.

Responded: CALFIRE, Crescent City Fire, Fort Dick Fire.

Cottage Cannabis Farmer's Bill awaits Governor Brown's signature

Today, Assemblymember Jim Wood’s “Cottage Cannabis Farmers Bill” moves to the Governor’s office. AB 2516 will create a new medical cannabis cultivator license category for “micro farmers.”

PG and E on scene; 780 fire personnel at Tully fire

Just spoke with CalFire Humboldt Del Norte Unit Division Chief Jonni Mayberry. Ms. Mayberry said, if conditions do not worsen, the estimated containment date is next Tuesday; however at this point determing how long it will take to contain the fire is not something that can be predicted.

CalFire has been very responsive to messages and returning phone calls, which is very appreciated.

Aug 23, 2016

Yep, Tulley fire was arson, just as reported this afternoon

Confirmed with CALFire Div Chief Jonni Mayberry earlier this afternoon but see earlier post at 2:10 where males in white truck were seen setting fires.

John Fullerton to announce candidacy for Ward 4 on August 25 at Bayfront


"John Fullerton will officially kick off his campaign for Eureka City Council Ward Four this Thursday at 12.15pm on the Boardwalk near the Bayfront Restaurant.

John is a Certified Public Accountant who started his business in Old Town 33 years ago and now employs 8 people.

John is a long time resident of Eureka and a current Eureka Planning Commissioner.  He also is a former Eureka School Board member and has a long history of community service.  He spent 3 1/2 years as a CASA Advocate for CASA of Humboldt and has served in a leadership role for numerous Eureka non-profit organizations.  He is looking forward to serving the people of Eureka as a city councilmember."

Redway homicide victim identified as Stephanie Gawboy

The decedent in this case has been identified as 52 year old Stephanie Faye Gawboy of Redway, Ca. Sheriff’s Detectives are investigating this incident as a homicide. Anyone with information in regards to this case is encouraged to call Detective Jenn Turner at (707) 268-3642 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.

Autopsy reveals David Fulton died of multiple gun shot wounds

An autopsy was performed on decedent David Fulton. The autopsy revealed the cause of death to be multiple gunshot wounds. Toxicology reports should be returned in approximately one month.

Yurok Tribe sending ferry to rescue people affected by Tulley Fire; young males in white truck suspected of setting fires

I just heard from a tribal member regarding the Tulley Fire.

"Right now, all I know is that individuals have set these fires. Young males in a white truck were seen setting them. No names have been released yet. At least one house has burned down and one standing structure. My mom and dad just learned that a mandatory evacuation is now in place for McKinnon Hill residents because the fire jumped Kepel Creek and is quickly burning further down the river. They are refusing to leave until they absolutely have to. I know that the Neighborhood Facilities building in Hoopa has been set up as an emergency shelter and Red Cross station. I was just informed that the Yurok Tribe is making plans to send a ferry up the river to rescue people since the road is closed. I have heard that Notchko River Bar is where people are meeting if they need an immediate rescue- as there is a jet boat there on stand-by."

Update: CALFire investigators determine arson as cause.

McCullens motel shooting suspect Maxx Robison's public defender files motion to continue preliminary hearing

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Maxx Robison on August 30. His Public Defender has filed for a motion to continue that hearing which will be heard on August 24 at 2 p.m.

Tulley Fire now at 440 acres; two of three fires contained; latest report from CAL FIRE

CAL Fire Tweet:

The is now at 440 acres. Two of the three fires are contained. Largest fire is into the Cappel Creek drainage. 0% contained.

As of 4:30 p.m.
Containment:440 acres - 5% contained

Traffic collision at Fifth and K in Eureka

Traffic collision at the corner of fifth and K. An observer said black truck was in the wrong. EPD, Humboldt Bay Fire and City Ambulance on the scene.

Photos by Steve Payton.

State audit requested by Senator McGuire states failure to track psychotropic medications for foster youth, putting health at risk

After months of delay, the audit Senator Mike McGuire and the Senate Human Services Committee requested over a year ago, which focused on dangerous over-prescribing patterns in California’s foster care system, was released today. The document states that the state and counties have “failed to oversee the prescribing of psych meds in the foster care system” and it disclosed a system-wide failure regarding the tracking of psychotropic medication patterns, which has put the health and safety of thousands of California’s foster youth at risk.

Autopsy results for massage therapist from Redway and cause of death for David Fulton should be released today; no new information on Brials McCutcheon

Autopsies were conducted yesterday on the 52 year old Redway woman, a massage therapist, whose case is being investigated as a homicide as well as an autopsy on David Fulton, from McKinleyville.

HCSO should be sending out press releases later today.

At this time, no further information is being released about the Brials McCutcheon homicide and the investigation is ongoing, said HCSO Undersheriff William Honsal.

HCSO assisting CAL FIRE with evacuations; Emergency Operations Center on stand by

Undersheriff William Honsal said that HCSO is assisting CAL FIRE with evacuations and helping the Red Cross with coordination of shelters. The Emergency Operations Center is not activated, but in standby mode, if needed.

Two men arrested for alleged carjacking, parole violations and conspiracy after notification from Round Valley Housing Security Personnel

Mendocino County Sheriff's Deputies were dispatched to a reported carjacking that occurred at an unknown location on Henderson Road in Covelo, California.

The Sheriff's Office dispatch center was notified of the incident by Round Valley Tribal Housing Security personnel, who were contacted by the victims after their vehicle was stolen by force or fear by two unknown suspects. Housing security informed dispatch that the stolen vehicle was a described as a silver Chevrolet Silverado 2 door single cab pickup.

One spot left to fill in the Humboldt DA's office; who will be the newest DDA?

There is one spot still open at the Humboldt County District Attorney's office.

DA Maggie Fleming conducted interviews recently. She confirmed today they are in the process of hiring someone.

Who will be the newest Deputy DA?

CHP clarifies collision on Sandpointe Drive yesterday, not a hit and run

CHP Officer May via email responded about the collision on Sandpointe Drive yesterday.

"We did take a collision on Sandpoint Drive at that time, however, it was not a hit and run and no one was injured.  This was a single vehicle collision where a vehicle was backing slowly and accidentally collided into a building.  The only damage that occurred was to a rain gutter. "

Yesterday's post:

Aug 22, 2016

Senator Mike McGuire and others in touch with Yurok Tribe regarding Tulley Fire

Photos from Cal Fire earlier this evening.

State Senator Mike McGuire and others in touch with Yurok Tribe.

From CalFire:
Evacuations on Lower Capell Rd and Capell Rd off of Hwy 169

Senator Mike McGuire:

The American Red Cross is heading to Hoopa now to help those who have been evacuated from the #TulleyFire. Approx 16 residents awaiting assistance. #Humboldt


The Tulley Fire has closed Hwy 169 N of Weitchpec. The Red Cross shelter for evacuees is at the Hoopa Neighborhood Facility 11900 Hwy 96

Tulley Fire now spread to 300 acres; evacuations in progress

Calfire tweet (as of 7:40):

#TulleyFire [update] off of Hwy 169 & Martin's Ferry Rd, NW of Weitchpec (Humboldt Co) is now 300 acres.  Evacs in progress.

August 23 update (9:45 a.m.):

An evacuation order is in place for Gibbens Road, Peters Lane, Jack Ranch Lane, and McKinnen Hill Road. 
There is an evacuation warning in place for Lower Cappell Road.

What does the local gang "Crazy White Boys" have to do with the attempted murder on David Seigl?

On August 16, Benjamin Heidmann and Konnor Wright were held to answer on all charges in the attempted murder of David Seigl after a preliminary hearing.

Arcata Police Department's Officer Don Arminio was the only witness to testify.

During the preliminary hearing, according to statements made by Wright to Officer Arminio, Wright claimed that Heidmann told him "that he wanted to exact revenge" on Seigl. Wright told Officer Arminio that Heidmann said, "he wanted to kill Siegl and any family members at the residence" and "named individuals that would be at the residence". One name was Shane Hamsi.

Arminio said that Wright also told him that Heidmann told him that Siegl and he were members of a gang called "White Crazy Boys" and that Siegl and other members tried to rob Heidmann.

Heidmann was doing this "to exact revenge."

No injuries in alleged hit and run on Sandpointe drive in Mckinleyville

Alleged hit and run in Mckinleyville on sandpointe drive? According to scanner traffic, this happened in the 2900 block of Sandpointe Drive.

No injuries, according to one commenter on Mckinleyville Community Watch and initial scanner report.

However, last comment by another person, who was listening on the scanner was, "AMRA enroute to MRCH with a patient, code 2."

Will update with information from CHP when I hear back from them.

Jaison Chand receives excellence award from California Ambulance Association for his work on State EMS Commission

On August 18, at Harrah's in Lake Tahoe, City Cab's Jaison Chand was acknowledged by the California Ambulance Association with the Chairman's Excellence Award for his work on the State EMS Commission.

Just spoke with Mr. Chand.

"It was an unexpected honor," he said." We've been working really hard on legislation over the last couple years to improve EMS throughout the state. A lot of my focus in Sacramento has been on rural EMS. We've been successful in some legislation, and we are still working hard on AB1300, an assembly bill that would aid our local Mental Health Department immensely. We lost some of the language we needed for rural areas, but we are working to get it back in for the next legislative session".

"This is a part of my work both for the California Ambulance  Association and the State EMS Commission. I am one of the 15 commission members. We meet throughout the year and throughout the state."

The award didn't come from the Commission but was given to Mr. Chand "for a lot of the work I'm doing with the commission and legislation."

Mr. Chand was apointed to the state EMS commission by the speaker of the assembly, Tony Atkins .

Eyewitness on 7th and I tells EPD officer what she witnessed and which car hit the other "full on"

Eyewitness Cate Halliday claims grey car on 7th and I hit the driver, first name Brenda, of the black car "full on".

The black car, a Mercedes, was almost out of the intersection when the alleged collision occurred, said Halliday.

Halliday also said that a woman standing the dentist's office almost missed being hit.

EPD Officer Nantz who is on scene is talking to her. EPD cannot comment on the investigation yet.

Officer Nantz asked Brenda if she had a way home. Both cars towed about 5 minutes ago.

David Fulton autospy scheduled for this afternoon; HCSO hopes to release cause of death tomorrow

Just spoke with HCSO Undersheriff William Honsal. The autopsy for David Fulton is scheduled for this afternoon.

HCSO hopes to have a press release tomorrow on cause of death and preliminary results.

As first reported here last November, the Humboldt County Office is moving

As I had reported in November 2015, the County is moving.

Nov 13, 2015

Humboldt County Elections office relocating to bank plaza after Umpqua bank moves employees to 5th and H

Have this from a reliable source. Waiting for Kelly Sanders to confirm moving date. Just spoke with Ms. Sanders, they have looked at the space but no lease agreement yet.

The County sent  sent out a press release today:

The Humboldt County Office of Elections is moving. Beginning August 29 the Office of Elections will be located at the Humboldt Business Plaza, located at 2426 6th Street, Suite A, in Eureka.
Located off Hwy 101, Elections’ new location provides several benefits for Elections’ staff and the community alike.
The new office layout allows all Elections’ office spaces to be located on one level and in one congruent area, creating increased efficiency and safety. Elections equipment pick-up and drop-off will be located off the building’s equipment room, accessible by a roll-up garage door, eliminating risk exposure to oncoming traffic at one of Eureka’s most chaotic intersections. Elections’ new lobby provides increased comfortability and shorter wait times for customers and the general public. The building’s single-level design and sizable parking lot with Americans with Disabilities Act-accessible parking enables customers and the general public to access Elections services with ease, eliminating difficult to navigate parking lot surfaces and steep access ramps.
The Office of Elections would like to thank all of the county departments and partner agencies that helped to make this move possible.

Aug 21, 2016

DOJ wants poor people who cannot afford bail to not be jailed; similar effort failed in California

The DOJ wants to change people being held in jail before sentencing, if they cannot afford bail.

This effort failed in California.

While it is true that people who can afford bail get to remain out of custody, just releasing every one who cannot afford bail will not have good consequences for public safety.

We have seen the consequences of Prop 47, plea deals and probation fail for repeat offenders. They cannot afford their own attorneys, in almost every case, now if they can avoid paying bail, what is their incentive to reform and follow the law?

Wanted by two counties and a history from 2009 with offenses increasing in seriousness; why was Marcus Allen Asbury given probation and a plea deal in his 2011 case?

Marcus Allen Asbury was given four years formal probation for this case which was filed in 2011. That case was a felony sex offense. He was sentenced for the 2011 case on January 26, 2015.

The original charges were Counts 1 to 4, four counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor (more than three years younger than the defendant); Counts 5 and 6 Sexual penetration by a foreign object; Count 7 forcible rape.

 He plead guilty before the preliminary hearing. As a part of that plea deal, he plead guilty to Counts 1 and 2 and Counts 6 and 7. Counts 3, 4 and 5 were dismissed.

In 2009, he was convicted of a DUI. These were misdemeanors. Count 1 Driving under the influence; Count 2 Possession of marijuana while driving; Count 3 Failure to provide financial responsibility and Count 4 Not being registered.

From 2009 to 2015 he has six traffic/infraction cases and charges varied for each case but included not being registered, unsafe speed, no current registration, not licensed, failure to provide financial responsibility.

Aug 18, 2016

Man who fled from Sheriff's Sergeant had a no bail felony warrant for four counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor

On 08/18/2016 at 10:09 a.m., a Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant contacted illegal campers at a site in the wooded area near 987 Redwood Drive, Garberville.

State Fish and Wildlife Officer shot at on Hwy 36; 2 suspects flee scene, firearm recovered

According to Operation Safe Streets this morning, "State Fish and Wildlife officer has been shot at on Highway 36.  Suspect vehicle crashed off roadway.  Breaking now.

Location on 36 is Redwood House.  Stay clear of the area.   Sheriff's on scene no officers injured at this point.   Unknown if suspect(s) injured or fled.

☆ Update ☆ 2 subjects have fled from vehicle and a firearm has been recovered.  CHP and Sheriff's on scene with the initial officer."