Business Testimonials

John Chiv did a remarkable job helping get our new business into the public eye.  He really opened our eyes to new marketing possibilities, and got the phone ringing immediately. I’ve received many new calls (and new customers!) from the articles he wrote about Cutting Edge Tree Service. Even though the articles were published several months ago, I still hear people talking about it. Thank you John!-- Erik Tjossem, owner, Cutting Edge Tree Service

John Chiv is an old school news-gatherer in an age when traditional media outlets fail the public.  Relying on more than press releases and fax machines, Chiv cultivates a wide range of sources, dependable leads--capturing the attention of locals that want to know what's going on! -- Anthony Mantova, owner Mantova's Two Street Music

John wrote an article about Redwood Tech Guy and it was very well written and made the phone ring immediately. Since then John has been writing my Facebook posts. John knows how to word a post so as to get the best response from people. If you need something written, John is the one to do it. John also helped me to organize an event at The Wine Spot to promote my business. Everyone that showed up scheduled an appointment with me. I like the way John partners businesses for success--The Redwood Tech Guy

"John, the same day the article appeared the phone kept ringing, regulars and new customers mentioned seeing your article and I am very grateful for your support of my business"--Joe Rubio, owner, The Humboldt Café

I've seen John about Eureka for quite some time.  I've run into him at Chamber Mixers and all about town.  John is also a Cafe Nooner fan and a great customer.  One day he approached me regarding my businesses’ marketing plan.  We met over lunch at my cafe and discussed what I was doing.  John explained that he had helped a number of other local businesses.. drive new business through the door.  John impressed me immediately when he said our social media and website were fantastic and he couldn't make any suggestions as they were both that good already. John explained how he could help us. John told us to be ready for the new business as his prior work had generated new business for his clients.  John was right on and we saw an immediate boost of new business to both our locations.  I would highly recommend to any local business owner to consider contacting John Chiv and Words Worth if they are interested in driving new business through their doors!--Joe and Lorrena Filgas-owners Cafe Nooner--

 "It continues to be a delight to work with the other small business entrepreneurs and resources in our community like John Chiv. Together we are all working toward the same goal which is getting our local products in and beyond our community to sustain our local economy." Konaloha coffee saw immediate benefits of the wonderful article on their company in the Times Standard article by John. As a result of that article, Konaloha coffee has been approached by the buyer for the Tops markets in Redding and Weaverville to carry their coffee. Tops markets stated they pride themselves in carrying unique products and would love to have Konaloha coffee on their shelves. John’s promotion of utilizing local business resources and partnerships effectively is one of the many reasons I chose to work with John.—Ruth Koontz, co-owner of Konaloha coffee

"John's marketing and promotion of my business has been the most effective for me out of everything I have done." --Gina Sydathong , owner, Mekong Cafe

"John, Thank you so much for your support of The Ritz. Our opening was drastically under advertised, and your thorough and succinct article really made it shine. Your publication on the front page of the business section of the Times Standard, brought instant results. Many of our guests referred to your article. Your work greatly added to the buzz of our new business and I look forward to working with you more"--Jack Wu, owner, The Ritz 

"Thank you John for your article on The Silver Lining Restaurant.  As soon as the article was published, we began receiving phone calls from people asking about us.  We also received a lot of compliments from
our regular customers about the article. We feel that we were able to reach a new audience with your help!" -- Mandala Lakey, Owner, The Silver Lining Restaurant

"John wrote the very first article on us. The day John's article appeared, we had a tremendous response and business has been up since and we still get people mentioning the write-up. John worked with us during out first 2 years and all his ideas to generate publicity and increase business has made it possible today to use the money we saved for larger-scale advertising. "--Kat Combs, owner, The Wine Spot

"John, your press releases get instantaneous results. I like your custom marketing strategy for businesses and Words Worth definitely gets a thumbs up from the Bald Guy."-- Gary Harner, agent Stan Smith Insurance Services

"John, the phone was ringing even before we opened the day your article appeared. Thank you for well-written article on Gallaghers."-Kelly Erben, General Manager, Gallaghers

"John, thanks so much for the article on The Vance Cafe. We saw a nice increase in our business and a lot of folks mentioned they saw the great article." -- Dixie Callahan, Vance Cafe manager