Oct 10, 2018

Supplemental declaration from juror #9 filed in the Jon Goldberg case

A supplemental declaration for Juror #9 was filed by the Public Defender in the Jon Goldberg case.

October 15 and October 17 are two important dates in the Goldberg case. Visiting Judge Graham A. Cribbs presided over the jury trial. He will be ruling on the motion to dismiss the 25 year to life firearm enhancement and the motion for a new trial.

Juror misconduct has been alleged.

Prosecutors on the case are Deputy District Attorney Luke Bernthal and Deputy DA Trent Timm. Deputy Public Defender Casey Russo is representing Goldberg.

On 10/12, there was a declaration from Juror #4 in support of the motion for a new trial.

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  1. That's how I saw it too. Justice needs to be blind not vindictive or just plain stupid.