Jan 9, 2018

Michael Grant aka Tank's two cases get "rescheduled"; in Humboldt court speak that is "no resolution/plea" yet

In Humboldt court speak, "rescheduling" means the defense is trying to negotiate a resolution or "wear down" the DA for a plea. That isn't always stated in the record, we just go through nth continuances and interventions.

As it often happens in Humboldt court cases, one name will pop up in another criminal case. So you can be a defendant in one case, a witness in another.

 Michael Grant aka "Tank" was allegedly in the apartment the night Jesus Garcia was allegedly stabbed, according to witness Caroline Snow.
Preliminary hearing scheduled for January 10 was vacated. Intervention for the case was rescheduled to January 18.

Setting for Michael Grant's jury trial for attempted murder and a preliminary hearing for a second case is now scheduled for January 23.

Deputy District Attorney Candace Myers is prosecuting the case. Mr. Neal Sanders is representing Grant.

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