Jan 2, 2018

John Fullerton and Jeannie Breslin file papers stating intent to run in Third Ward

Lot of people talk about running for office; two have taken one step towards a possible candidacy for Third Ward, Eureka City Council.

John Fullerton turned in his papers stating intent to run in the Third Ward and papers required to form a committee. Jeannie Breslin also turned in paperwork stating her intent to run in the Third Ward.

Take Back Eureka members have mentioned recruiting people to run, few people have unofficially discussed it with me but no papers filed, yet.

For Mayor, other than the "unofficial whisperings" of Allen McCloskey running, at least two sources have told me current Fifth Ward Councilmember Natalie Arroyo is considering running for Mayor. A former Councilmember is considering throwing in the hat for Mayor and while I consider this person moderate, by Eureka's far left's definition, he will be defined as conservative.


  1. Thanks Chiv. Enjoy your blog. Who are you going to vote for.

    1. Thanks Anon. Haven't decided yet. We don't have a final list of candidates.