Jan 12, 2018

EPD Officer Mark Meftah as Officer of the Month is a great choice; he even answers questions if you mysteriously follow him for blocks

Officer Meftah is a great choice. He is very helpful. He will even answer your questions if you follow his car mysteriously for blocks while he is on patrol. Another reporter and I were both out one afternoon near Del Norte E street following a scanner tip given to us.

The address given was not correct, being famliar with E street, I knew we were on a wild goose chase.We would have wasted more time Officer Meftah had not stopped to help us out because even the initial report turned out to be a non story.

EPD Facebook:
"Recently we decided to implement an ‘Officer of the Month’ program. The monthly award recognizes a sworn employee for their dedication, work ethic and commitment to the department.

We are pleased to announce that Mark Meftah was selected as January’s Officer of the Month.  Officer Meftah was selected by his supervisors for a multitude of reasons to include: being a reliable team player, continuously demonstrating professionalism, his ability to handle his work load, ability to write sound reports and lastly, always ensures his work is done before he goes home.

The perks that come along with the award: picture posted in the department for a month, $25 credit to our EPOA snack bar, and a designated patrol car for the month (big deal)."

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