Jan 5, 2018

Chad Smith charged with the alleged sexual abuse of his own stepdaughter continues to manipulate the legal system

Chad Smith continues to manipulate the legal system with his last minute whims.

His latest stunt. After withdrawing his Mardsen motion on  December 1, he waits until the last minute to request another Marsden motion. It is to be heard on January 8, two days before his trial confirmation.

Another example, he enters a time waiver; then he withdraws a time waiver. I would have to list all the court minutes for the shennanigans he has pulled. I am not going to nor am I going to link every single post on this case. Those who follow this blog regularly and have followed his case know this already.

He has had three court appointed attorneys, two of them very experienced Deputy Public Defenders. The issues with the Public Defender's office, especially the entire David Marcus disaster, has nothing to do with the delays in this case. Ms. Jennifer Dixon and Ms. Joann Carter have provided him with excellent representation.

Those familiar with Smith in the community know that  Mr. Narcissist thinks the world revolves around him. And, if you have dealt with him, you know he is a royal pain in the "rear".  However, even an a-hole deserves due process.

Smith can hire a private attorney, he owns a business and he has a family that can afford to help him.

Smith wasted enough time on December 1. If he wanted a Marsden hearing, he should have gone through with it last month. He brought it up last minute in court, so that had to be heard that day,  last minute. After waiting around most of the day, the 995 motion was also withdrawn. Smith is entitled to due process; he is not entitled to waste taxpayers money.  Others are paying for his legal expenses and court related items because he wants to abuse the system to his advantage.

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