Jan 1, 2018

Bill Davidson Bail Bonds has a new owner

New Year, new ownership. Steve Payton has managed Bill Davidson Bail Bonds for years. As of today, he is the owner.


  1. Prop 47 and 57 have made life much harder on Bail Bond companies.

  2. oh so sad..bail bonds not being so profitable. The system of bail bonds steals money from the poor. enriches the owners. do some research and educate yourself on this out dated system. End the bail for release system now!!!

  3. I think you need to educate yourself a bit better. #1 bail does not steal from the poor, the fact is most bail companies work with those who can not afford to post the 10% of their bail. We allow defendants to pay as little as 50 dollars a month, and many times we dont even get paid. #2 Bail vs Pretrial aka Bail Reform. It is a proven fact that commercial bail does not cost the tax payers a dime. When a defendant who is out on bail fails to show up for court, it is the bail bondsman who is on the hook, and if the defendant is not found within the time that the court specifies, the bonding company (bail bondsman) have to pay the court the full amount of the bail bond. Under bail reform there is no accountability, if a defendant fails to show up, no one, not even law enforcement will make a priority to find him/her. The taxpayer loses. not only that the defendant is free to commit other crimes. You might say "well put them on a monitoring system. Who do you think has to pay for that, surely not the defendant, he's too poor. back to the tax payer. Who's going to monitor the defendants? Oh probation you say, well they are so poorly understaffed they would have to hire more help again, the tax payer is on the hook. States like New Jersey, New Mexico and Texas who have adopted to have Free Bail (Bail Reform) have discovered that they have made a terriable mistake. Just go to this site http://www.usbailreform.com/ and read more about it.