Jan 2, 2018

Anthony Domenico sentenced to 9 years of prison

Today, District Attorney Maggie Fleming announced that Humboldt County Judge John Feeney sentenced Anthony Domenico to 9 years in prison for two felonies: arson of an inhabited structure and assault with a deadly weapon. 

A Humboldt County jury convicted Mr. Domenico of those counts in November, after hearing evidence that Mr. Domenico assaulted Thomas Uber with a tree branch and burned his camp structure in Manila in August. Judge Feeney sentenced Mr. Domenico to the maximum amount of time allowed by law, by imposing the longest of 3 possible terms for arson of an inhabited dwelling (8 years) and an additional 1-year term for the assault with a deadly weapon. (California law limits the consecutive sentence in this case to 1/3 the standard mid-term for the additional crime, which is 3 years for assault with a deadly weapon.)

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