Jan 8, 2018

Amended complaint & a request for gag order in former correctional deputy's alleged sexual abuse case

The last intervention for Cory Fisher was very abrupt. It was continued to January 9 at 1:30. Now there is a hearing on 1/10 for an amended complaint. The preliminary is scheduled for 1/11. And a hearing for a protective order scheduled for January 17.

Since nothing much is being said at intervention and the future hearings scheduled don't bode well for getting information. Here is my guess. The preliminary will be continued and most likely, the amended complaint means there are additional victims.
I hope some transparency is offered at least at the 1/10 and 1/17 hearing. The amended complaint and file are with a judge so no information will be available for a while. They never state the amended charges in Humboldt court.

This guy is a former correctional deputy. He was in a position of power. The charges ate serious. What about the public and any other potential victims?

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  1. John,

    Thank you for keeping up the pressure on this one. I'm sure there are a lot of people who would like to just sweep it under the rug and make it quietly go away. It's another major embarrassment for the local justice system and they're already under a lot of pressure for repeatedly releasing felons on parole and who then go out and commit more crimes, like the murder last week in Orick.