Oct 1, 2017

The Mckinleyville High football team has been suspended from playing homecoming game for racist and homophobic graffitti in the locker room."

I received a tip "The Mckinleyville High football team has been suspended from playing homecoming game for racist and homophobic graffitti in the locker room. Apparently one of the players shared it on snap-chat."
This was confirmed by parents whose children are on the McKinleyville High School football team. I talked to some of the

"Nic Collart called all of the parents on the team; then sent out a huge call to the student body."

I happen to know one of the families well and asked a parent how he felt about his son being punished for the actions of a few.

"That's pretty accurate. My son's birth mother is a lesbian, my best friends are of mixed race. I find it hard to believe that (name withheld on blog) would write anything homophobic or racist."

Parents are also upset about the whole program this year. "They have canceled two games all ready because they don't have enough kids to play."

I have contacted Mckinleyville High Principal Nic Collart. Principal Collart contacted me and sent me the original statement(below). He will be sending me some additional remarks.

"To all of our McKinleyville High School Parents and the McKinleyville Community.

As McKinleyville High School heads into our Homecoming Week, I continue to be thankful to be part of our community and part of our MHS family.  

Earlier this week some members of our varsity football team made a poor decision which in effect was damaging to students, staff and our community; it negatively impacted the perception of McKinleyville High School. As a result our varsity football team will not take the field next Friday for Homecoming nor participate in our parade.  Mack High will never condone nor allow statements or actions that alienate or harm any group or sub group of our diverse community.

However, when something negative happens it also presents an opportunity to grow and be better than we were before, to help us continue to be a school to be proud of.  And there is lots to be proud of:

I am proud of the students who came forward to let us know what had happened and asked that it be addressed.

I am proud of our football players who, have come together and accepted responsibility as a team and who are all  working hard to make this right.

I am proud of the students with whom I have spoken who want to forgive and help us all be a stronger community.

I am proud of our staff who have supported all of our students through this week.

At the end of the day, I am proud to be a Panther!

Homecoming Week is a week to celebrate McKinleyville High School and there is much to celebrate, all of our sports teams, our clubs, our diversity and our school family.  So please support our students come out to a game, attend our parade and join us on Friday night when our JV football team will play at 7:30.  McKinleyville High School is a family and as a family, we have the responsibility to care for each other, to treat each other well and to keep each other safe.   We did not live up to that responsibility this past week, but I am confident that as a school, we will come out of this stronger as a family and continue to work to improve ourselves."


  1. This is how you intend to inform the public about this situation? John, please give up on your hobby blog until you invest yourself.
    Guess it's back to Craigslist, and constructing your nemesis blog. The anti Chiv Blog, Shived Chiv.
    I know, you won't post this, but will attempt to turn it into your news. You're such a creative talent.

    Take a English composition course.

    1. Keep making more anonymous threats. Your stalking, obssessive behavior has got you nowhere. My last post on you expressed what needed to be said. You do eveything anonymously. You have zero credibility.

    2. Thanks for the news John. Good job.

    3. If people are going to level threats against John, it may be time to start revealing IP addresses publicly...

    4. As a McKinleyville Alumni this really pisses me off that people are like this. I was in a interracial relationship, just had my daughter marry her girlfriend this past weekend. Come on people!!!!!! People's preference in life should not be an issue. What ever they choose is up to them wether they are children,teens or adults, they know what makes them happy so let them be themselves.

  2. You should do more research on this situation. Grades, and injuries have played a part in games not being played. Parents have the right to be upset, but if you are going to "report" on the issue, it would be great if what you report is not so incomplete and quite frankly, misleading, and confusing. Getting your facts straight, names etc..., would be a good start.

    As you filter out points of interest and dissenting viewpoints, I don't expect this will stay in your comments section. This is not for public display. It is solely for you. I don't want you to post it. It's sound and valid advice that you definitely need. Your credibility has really gone down hill due to your inability to improve your game. You've had all this time, and you've attempted to grasp something that really could be a good thing for the region, reporting on local court cases, but all the stuff on the periphery is dragging your reputation into the gutter, imo.

    Step back at take a look.

  3. You should learn to read before you comment. The school has been contacted for a response. There is nothing wrong with my credibility. All these anonymous comments come from exposing the truth in a small town, disgruntled anonymous trolls and friends of so called media afraid of real competition. I laugh at comments like yours because thousands of people with names, actual media read this blog, realize the challenges of live reporting. Scared of the truth? You are the same loser(s) whining on my blog,craigslist daily about your comments not being printed. If all you have is personal insults and rants, you won't be printed. Keep threatening me and I will keep documenting. Unlike you, I am not stupid. Anons mean nothing. If you had credibility, if you had any substance to your accusations, you would use your name and talk to me face to face. You won't because you know then you can be sued.
    People know I often break stories then the local media follows up. Every site moderates. I used to not allow anonymous comments. I am not going to change that because of a moron like you. If you had a brain,you would not keep giving me an opportunity to document your comments. Dissent that is respectful and related to a post with valid concerns is not what you submit. You are a stalker, a coward and you play the dirty game of Humboldt where you anonymously reveal personal, irrelevant details and make accusations about people you know are untrue. Decent people in Humboldt are onto these tactics and why ypu choose to act this way.

    Craigslist pulled the posts. How many more anonymous accounts are going to be created in your sick obsession?

  4. CuriousHumboldtianOctober 1, 2017 at 3:31 PM

    Sounds like someone's jealous! Hey creep either quite hiding or be gone with you!

  5. I agree it's not fair to punish all for the actions of a few. Whatever happened to individual responsibility?

  6. You're allowing anon posts today, John? In a good mood? This is a good step in the right direction. Allowing dissent strengthens ones opinion. But I should caution you: arguing with idiots is dangerous, because from a distance it's hard to tell who's who.

    1. I allow anon posts all the time, even dissenting ones that are respectful and relevant. You should know that since you claim to know so much about me. Your comment was snarky but not like the anon garbage from the same few idiots I usually receive that wastes my time. Why is that "liberals" like you don't have the guts to use your name? That is a rhetorical question. My mood is always good. There are far more positive comments and supporters, private and public and the few of you have no impact on my life or mood. Bullying by the left is a tactic more and more people are onto these days.

  7. Nice reporting John, we we're hearing all kinds of rumors, good to have the straight truth, ie: just the facts.

  8. So many people seem to not understand the "punish the team for a few's bad choices" stance......here it is. If a couple kids do something bad enough that admin has to step in and take a stance, than yes the entire team has to pay the consequence because if only the couple bad apples were punished it would have no effect on them!!! You make them responsible for their entire team (because they are one unit) they then will fully feel the effects of their actions. Yes it sucks for the all the innocent players but again they are a UNIT.....one for all, all for one. They understand this type of consequence as soon as they sign their student athlete contract. They now will be remembered for this forever by all.