Jun 5, 2017

Tina Sampay requests dismissal of her "day in court with me"

On June 5, when my attorney's office tried to file a response, the clerk told them the matter had been dismissed on June 2. A hand-delivered copy of this dismissal without prejudice, which was requested by Tina Sampay, on June 2 was hand delivered to my attorney's office today at 4:30 p.m. On the dismissal, it says attorney was notified on June 2.

On May 30, my attorney, Ms. Allison Jackson, appeared on my behalf in a hearing scheduled in Courtroom 4 at 1:45.

The hearing was put over until June 6 at 1:45, so my attorney and I could get a copy of the allegations Tina Sampay was alleging against me. I was not served with the proper paperwork. And did not have the required time to file a response.

On May 9, Tina Sampay tried to get a temporary restraining  (civil harassment) order against me. It was denied until the hearing, which was today at 1:45 p.m.

In fact Judge Timothy Cissna clarified in court today that the there were no temporary orders in effect.

The reasons are below:

This above form was the only other form given to me. As you can see, the only two forms, I was served with were CH 109 and 120.

Michael Fennell, who served me, documented the time, the date and location I was served.

The clerk's office closes at 2 p.m. By the time, I went through the documents handed to me, the clerk's office was closed. I had to wait until the next day to go to the clerk's office on Friday. The courts were closed Monday and the file was with the judge so I was told to return the day of the hearing to get copies of the complete paperwork and proof of service. Not only did I not have the five days required for a response, I did not know what I was responding to, so it was a moot point.

Sampay did not have a copy of the paperwork she should have served me. Ms. Jackson and I said we would get the paperwork ourselves.

In court on 5/30, Sampay already seemed to to back off from this request, saying maybe this isn't the right kind of lawsuit to file and that she intends to file a full fledged defamation lawsuit.

I had detailed documentation, many independent witnesses, and had requested video to back up my response. I am not posting it in here, should Tina Sampay change her mind, there is no need to give her a sneak preview of my response to these allegations.

Rhonda Parker from Lost Coast Outpost as well as Hank Sims and Andrew Goff were in court on May 30.


  1. You hired AGJ? Oh this will be good. I'm buying more popcorn. She will flay them, should they actually file a suit. The woman is unstoppable.

  2. goff and sims probably were bummed. lol. nice attorney choice. go big or go home!

    1. Allison is the best! Besides improper service and not notifying us on the correct date as claimed about the dismissal, Tina Sampay wasted court time, Allison's time, and mine.

  3. John - I was wondering why the other side that had been mentioned in this post, has very quiet in any searchable media since May 29th. Hmmmm?

    Glad to see you standing up for Truth, Justice, and The American Way!
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Big D. I did follow up with Oceanside Cemetery and they have not responded to me about any investigation they have done or any action they have taken with employees.

  4. John - I will ask around when I see the local Marines and other local Veterans that I know / encounter this month.

    It was downplayed and 'No Comment' was what I heard was stated by the administration thru the Veteran's jungle grapevine - concerning the cemetery golf playing employee's being caught on video in the Veteran's Section the week before the Memorial Day Ceremony held at Ocean View Cemetery..