Jun 2, 2017

"I will file a motion for reconsideration prior to appeals. " Floyd Squires responds to Judge Cissna's rulings

(Photo credit KRCR)

Mr. Floyd Squires responded to me just now about Judge Cissna's ruling yesterday in the lawsuit filed against him by neighbors of 1625 and 1635 G street.

"I will file a motion for reconsideration prior to appeals. "

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    Well, he's handling this with all the grace and composure we could have predicted.

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  2. I've known Floyd on a business setting only. He has been nothing but a kind person to me and others that work for me. Yes a few of the places he owns are in pretty bad shape. But it's all from the tenants. I would just close all of the places they have in complaint and let the people who want there quick payday to watch them flock to the streets around town and add to the homeless population. Betty and Floyd provide a dry roof, stove, and hot water to otherwise untenable people. These people would be homeless if not for them. So I find that the tenants should be liable not there owners. Since they are the real problem. Hope everyone sees this and remembers this when they are down on their luck. All the people who complain about how horrible they are are typically terrible renters who don't pay on time and get evicted for a good reason. Sorry but my rant is over. Back the he his work.

    1. I agree. All the Nimby's complaining about this, will complain when investors/tech buy up properties such as these thus leading to property value increase...and an increase in everything else as well. What, toll to drive on 101? What, ten dollars for a gallon of milk? If it's not this, it will be something else. Look at Seattle. And if Floyd went and fixed up said properties, the tenants would just go and destroy them, again. WHY? Because nobody appreciates anything that they obtain easily. I wish a kind landlord in this area would rent to me. But they won't because I'm not an addict with a 'steady' income, I work for a living and pay taxes.

  3. My extended family has rental properties in Humboldt. Yes, it's difficult to be a landlord here (everywhere, really) but that is no excuse to not have your properties up to code, and to inflict misery on the neighbors.

    If the suit was groundless, Judge Cissna would have tossed it, or found in favor of Squires. But he didn't. Floyd may be a nice man, but he is also, unfortunately, a slum lord. Don't blame it on the tenants or the neighbors--put the blame squarely where it belongs, on the Squires.