Jun 6, 2017

Chad Smith's bail reset to two million, six hundred and fifty thousand; preliminary at June 15

Chad Smith's bail was reset to two million, six hundred and fifty thousand in court today.  Judge John Feeney initially set it at 1 million, but reset it after arguments presented by Deputy District Attorney Stacey Eads.

Ms. Eads cited public safety concerns; told Judge Feeney that Smith "has previously owned firearms" mentioned that Counts 1 and 2 have life sentences; specifically 15 years to life.  Judge Feeney then set bail, according to the bail schedule.

Multiple victims and incidents occurring on multiple occasions are alleged in the complaint.

For Count 1 and 2 Deputy DA Stacey Eads tried in court to get the charges changed to just oral copulation but Judge John Feeney said that it was charged in the complaint as oral copulation/sexual penetration with a child".

Conflict Counsel's office was appointed for Smith; Mr. David Lee appeared with Smith for the arraignment.

Smith was not even brought down for arraignment until 2:30. Smith's ex wife, her attorney, S. Brenda Morgan, who represents her in her family law case and seven supporters were in court.

Smith was not his boisterous, cocky self but very quiet and barely whispered his responses to the Judge. Time was not waived. On behalf of Smith, Mr. Lee entered not guilty pleas to all charges and denial of all special allegations.

Intervention is June 12 at 9:45. Preliminary hearing is June 15 at 9:45.

Only Times-Standard and North Coast News were in court for the arraignment.

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  1. It sure would be nice for one of these guys to plead guilty for once when they know that they're busted and not cost society the expense of a trail or drag the victims through the hell of testifying against them. I'm glad to hear that time was not waived at least so this won't drag on forever.

    As a parent of a child that Chad had direct contact with at a local school it's quite disturbing to learn that there was multiple victims. I would like to see the victims privacy protected but would also really like to know if they were students at schools where Chad worked or volunteered and also where the abuses took place. These two key pieces of information would really help me figure out how concerned I should be about my own daughter.

    Thanks for covering this case, John. I appreciate any further information that you might be able to provide as the trial progresses.