Jun 8, 2017

APD is asking witnesses to come forward, "that is not happening."

 Link to the video of June 7 Arcata City Council meeting.

Start at about the 30 minute mark to watch APD Chief Tom Chapman's comments on the status of the investigation of the death of David Josiah Lawson, the Arcata Mayor's comments, including what was relayed to her from Lawson's mother. Then there is public comment, which included Tina Sampay speaking, a man with a Justice for Josiah shirt that says Mrs. Lawson 'thanks the donors" and those keeping Josiah's name alive and claims Mayor Susan Ornelas may have misconstrued Mrs. Lawson's words and says Mrs. Lawson will be in town, next week, with her lawyer.

These people during public comment are not related to Mrs. Lawson, nor has she authorized them to speak on her behalf. If she has, she can say so; she hasn't so far.

Chief Chapman said that APD is asking witnesses to come forward, "That's not happening."

Justice for Josiah and others who are claiming to speak for the Lawson family and keep alleging racial discrimination(based on what evidence), keep making unrealistic demands of the justice process and ask a lot of questions; answer none. Between all the people present at that party, including Brother United members, why has anyone present not given names of people they know were at the party, regardless of when they left?  So, APD can start identifying the 100 plus people, present at this party and question as many people as they can. Even with a reward, no one has come forward?

What are these people during public comment doing to help APD with the investigation besides complaining and repeating the same points since April 14, 2017?

How many unsolved murders are there in Humboldt County? In which other case, in less than two months, have there been protests and rallies, constant criticism of local media and law enforcement, and donations offered for a reward and a go fund me account started for funeral expenses that people are still donating to?


  1. After reading this post, a media colleague informed me that "Alex" was authorized to speak on Mrs. Lawson's behalf for the meeting but Mrs. Lawson had also conveyed her concerns to the mayor. I pointed out one media member or select media is not public knowledge. And just because he was authorized, all his words may not be what we would have directly heard from Mrs. Lawson.

  2. that is interesting to see the two stand up and malign the APD, City, HSU, community, threaten wrongful death suit in Ms. Lawsons name and they are not even associated with the deceased family except one person saying he is in communication with her but never really saying he was authorized by them to speak on their behalf.

  3. Still waiting for all those cell phone videos and photos that those kids took that night. White boy beatdown, girlfights, cops, ambulances, with a dozens of college age kids at a party? And no video or cell phone shots? Are you kidding? There's something they don't want people to see . . . .

  4. It seems to me that if there were witnesses, and of course there were, it wouldn't result in the outcome that they would've hoped to happen.....thus, closed lips.

  5. What I am hearing is people speaking who either have with little or no knowledge of how a criminal investigation proceeds or who have chosen to believe that their own desires should be more compelling than established police and city attorney procedures.
    Both approaches are not uncommon. Following the Kitchen case here there were continuing demands for instant justice. John provided all the information that was available as well as the LEO statements that nothing would be released until it was time. They were focusing on the investigation. I know I shared the frustration of many that Kitchen hadn't even been arraigned but there were reasons we were told, there were good reasons.
    She had good lawyers. But everyone accused of a crime has the right to legal counsel. The man accused of this crime had a lawyer and following long established legal precedent, testimony was taken, noted and the judge ruled there was no cause for him to be held responsible and charged with the crime.
    All done "by the book" (law book).
    In the Kitchen case it was not until the case came to court and we heard the testimony did we know the names of those doing the investigations.
    The justice system is not a "show and tell" for those outside the workings of the case.
    Public appearances to demand 'justice' do nothing to move the investigation forward.
    So I will repeat what has been said here, and said before since the stabbing occurred: Where are the other witnesses? And why are the people demanding justice not providing the names of those who were there?

    Reminds me of what used to be said in the 60s...'If you're not part of the solution then you're a part of the problem'.

  6. John - I had to do some searching, but this is the link (that worked for me) to view the video of the recent Arcata City Council Meeting of June 7th, 2017 that you referenced.


    In seeing Tina Sampay complaining of the actions of the Arcata Police Department, maybe they should have addressed her organized protest on May 8th, 2017 that held non-involved Citizens hostage in the Arcata Uniontown shopping Center until they were coerced into calling the Humboldt County D.A.'s Office showing support for her cause.

    Of course the Arcata Police Department were nowhere to be seen to serve the Arcata Residents that were held hostage right across 7th street from the Police Department Office/ City Hall, by Tina Sampay's actions.

    Now I wonder that since I have spoken out against Tina Sampay, will I be served with a legal summons by Michael Fennell?

    1. Thanks Big D. I added the link to the post.