May 4, 2017

Will there be Justice for Josiah? If not, these people should be ready to accept some of the blame

There are a lot of angry people and claiming they want Justice for Josiah but their actions speak otherwise.

If this was Josiah's family, his girlfriend, I'd understand. But it is not. They are too grief stricken to create drama and be interviewed by the media on a regular basis.

These angry people have an agenda. They blame others. And have a lot of misdirected anger.

They are angry with me for reporting facts they rather not face. They troll my blog, facebook pages, other online sites; mostly anonymously. One harasses me daily at court, while I am covering the trial, despite repeated warnings from me and bailiffs, but does not have the guts to tell me or anyone his name.

This cowardly white guy should be ashamed that he is in court with his hurt and anger, acting out, around people genuinely grieving at the loss of a friend and loved one.

If they are behaving with me this way, in court, in front of witnesses, in front of bailiffs, how do they behave when no one is around and who else are they intimidating?

It is a question and one to be considered in a case which is so complex and so convoluted and what effect it this behavior having on the preliminary hearing?

Josiah was stabbed. But should an angry PC mob send anyone to jail? Should Zoellner not be afforded due process without these angry fools trying to sway the outcome?

Zoellner is innocent, until, proven guilty.

The pressure put on the DA, the Judge, the community, by those labeling anyone who tries to do their job as racist is just hate filled people using this case for issues they need to address in therapy or spiritually.

They are angry at the Public Defenders representing Zoellner, who are just doing their job. They are angry at the Police and EMTs who tried to do their job while being surrounded and yelled at. Are they going to be angry at the DA if they dont get the result they want?

The People have yet to conclude their case against Kyle Zoellner. The defense may chose to present witnesses and evidence but even if they don't, these agenda mongers better be prepared to accept blame and face Josiah's family and loved ones if the ruling in the preliminary does not result in Zoellner being held to answer on the murder charge.

So far, the outcome that Zoellner is held to answer on the murder charge seems unlikely. Evidence and law determines that, not emotions; not racial politics.

Why are these people not angry at the owner/s of the house who seem to be MIA in action and word? Why are Brothers United not more forthcoming in their testimony? Why are these people not mad at the crowd that surrounded and impeded life saving efforts?

Why are they not mad at the people who left the scene instead of providing contact information and witness statements?

Why are they not mad at Elijah Chandler, who blabbed all over the media, enjoying interview after interview with media; looking less like a friend in grief instead coming across as someone putting on a show,  like he did in court today. There have been conflicting versions but at least with other witnesses you can tell some of it may just be their recollection, what they were focused on. Elijah Chandler came up with stuff that was not believable. Was he psychic that after being missing all night, he just happened to come to the front yard and see Paris Wright and Kyle Zoellner and discover Josiah. Chandler testified he just had a feeling today in court. Why with all these witnesses is he the only one to hear the statement with the derogatory n word? Why are Brothers United refusing to answer questions about the organization that could help the DA? Why was Keaundrey Clark kicked out of BU? If Chandler was so close to Josiah, how come he did not know that Josiah was leaving to go home? Testimony in court was Josiah and Renalyn said goodbye to their friends. Chandler is the one screaming racism and anti police rhetoric and yet he selectively answers in court instead of being forthcoming to help find justice for his friend who tragically died.

Justice for Josiah depends on people coming forward and telling all they know and the truth. It also allows whoever stabbed Josiah to be held accountable. So far, Kyle Zoellner is looking more and more like a victim of opportunity than someone who is the suspect.

If the truth is on your side, and you believe Zoellner is responsible , why hide and evade?

That is an answer those who claim they want Justice for Josiah, yet have let him down by their actions, owe the young man who needlessly bled to death.


  1. John, Great comments worthy of attention by all the misfits who attended that radical party. Once again its race against race.

  2. John Chiv are you not anonymous sometimes?

    1. No, I use my name to comment. Why are you anonymous? Scared to use your name. If you are so confident in your belief, come forward with your real identity to be believed and to check who you are connected to. If not, you are just one of the trolls mentioned above.

      Can I say I never made an anonymous comment? No. Years ago, could have. In recent years, definitely not.

  3. This is exactly what I have been talking about! Thank you for writing this. If my friend was murdered I'd be signing like a canary about every single thing I knew. I'd offer to be finger printed. I'd be encouraging those that were there to come forward. You know why this is not happening for Josiah? These people simply weren't his friends. If they truly lived by "brothers before others" they would have gone to the police to give statement right away. Instead, they are hiding and "not remembering" Which makes it look like someone in that group, possibly Elijah had something to do with it. Elijah said he saw something shiny in Kyle's hand and then he dropped it. He knows it wasn't keys because keys make noise.... So not only are you physic with your "feeling" you have super sonic hearing and can hear keys dropping in an unruly crowd of 100+ people? something is not adding up...