May 8, 2017

"She noticed the Jeep was badly damaged. She started exclaiming, "Omg Omg Marci."

The most dramatic testimony came towards the end of the day, when Officer Adams testified about interviewing a family friend, Rhonda Rex on July 22. This included two alleged incriminating statements or "confessions."

"She described herself as a close family friend," said Officer Adams. "She learned of Kiya's death the morning after the collision via telephone from Ms. Marci Kitchen."

"Ms. Rex was on her way to the Kitchen house to see if she could provide assistance when she received the call."

"Ms. Kitchen requested Ms. Rex go to her residence, which is short distance from the collision, and pull out seven pounds of marijuana from the Jeep." Rex agreed to that, said Officer Adams. "Ms. Kitchen said she was in Oakland and Kiya had just died."

When Rex arrived at the Kitchen residence, "she was surprised to see  that the Jeep wasn't where it was normally parked."

"She got the hide-a-way key and called Ms. Kitchen back on her cell phone. When she entered the residence, she saw a male she did not recognize lying on the couch. She asked the male who he was. The male provided a first name. She continued to the backyard and located the Jeep in the side yard area."

"She noticed the Jeep was badly damaged. She started exclaiming, "Omg Omg Marci."

"Ms. Kitchen's response was, "That Marci told her, 'I did it; I did it; I hit the girls."

Rex opened the driver's side of the Jeep and began looking for the bag of marijuana. "Ms. Rex was unable to find such a bag."

Rex was also asked to retrieve all alcohol from the Jeep. She found one bottle of unopened beer. "Ms. Rex placed it on the kitchen counter inside the house."

"Ms. Rex asked Ms. Kitchen, 'Were you drinking?' Ms. Rex said that Ms. Kitchen said, 'I had a couple. I thought I hit a deer, Rhonda. I thought I hit a deer."

Marci Kitchen asked Rex if the windshield was broken and when Rex told her it was cracked, she said Marci Kitchen was "devastated and let out a moan over the phone."

Marci Kitchen asked Rex to "get a pound of marijuana from the bedroom", which Rex did and "subsequently put it on the open market."

Marci Kitchen asked Rex to "move a vehicle in front of the house and Ms. Rex said she realized what was happening. She told Ms. Kitchen she was not going to do what was requested at this point."

"Ms. Rex told Ms. Kitchen to turn herself in."

Rex told Officer Adams that Marci Kitchen described the events following the collision to her. "She thought she hit a deer. Her boyfriend Josh had pulled over at the scene short time later and relayed to her (Marci) she had hit the girls."

Rex said she wished that she had asked Marci Kitchen, "then why did you hide the vehicle?" but that question was never asked.

Rex said that Marci Kitchen told her that she turned back, did not see anything, so she left (the scene of the collision). Rex said she noticed the rear seats of the Jeep were reclined but she did not adjust the seats in any way.


  1. Thank you for these updates.

  2. There is nothing lower in life than this POS. She should be handed a 357 magnum so she could do the right thing and save the public having to go through this sordid testimony for the next how many months. She gives dope
    growers a bad name.

  3. What a very very sad commentary and example of human decency. Last I checked we were innocent until proven guilty. Anyway you look at was an ACCIDENT. How can you want to punish someone for that. She will be punishing herself for the rest of her life. The best way she can 'honor' the dead is to keep on living, keep on breathing. I am so sad for the disturb people of HC and their limited perspective.

    1. Marci will have her attorney speaking with you very soon.....they will absolutely need you on the jury. I on the other hand think you can only be one of VERY FEW people willing to stand by her side and I will never understand how anybody can. How can Josh stand by someone that is capable of "hit & run" and then the fact that she is trying to worm her way out of it? Josh are you really that low that you would ignore what she has done and defend this? If she is capable of this what else is she capable of?

    2. I hope I see her walking to the courthouse on May 25th for her arraignment. I might mow her ass down and then say "I thought it was a deer!!!!"

  4. Were you at the accident anonymous? Unless you are Trent, the passenger, then you are someone else. This happened in July 12, 2016. Why haven't you gone to law enforcement or the DA or even Marci Kitchen's attorney if you know something?

  5. Anonymous, an accident is something that happens to no one's fault. Marci got into her vehicle, she had been drinking at the rodeo and later at the bar, also she was speeding. This is not an accident! If it were an accident, then why didn't she get hold of the police? Why did she hide her vehicle? Why did she lawyer up and go into hiding if this was an "accident"? By getting into her vehicle intoxicated she became a weapon. If you drive drunk and mange not to kill yourself or anybody else, you are lucky. Marci's luck ran out and she needs to face the consequences for what she has done. Sure, she has to live with it the rest of her life, but that is more than the girls get to do.

  6. Sounds like she was more upset about the cracked windshield than anything else.