May 4, 2017

Key testimony this morning in Zoellner preliminary from Elijah Chandler and APD officer who collected the knife found on scene

Day 4 of Kyle Zoellner's preliminary hearing, in which he is charged with the murder of HSU student David Josiah Lawson, started with Lawson's girlfriend Renalyn Bobadilla taking the stand for cross examination by Zoellner's attorney.

Today, during cross examination, she revealed she wore a long sleeve shirt to the party; that she smoked a bowl of marijuana at Josiah's house before they went out partying that night, that Josiah and she did 5 shots of Smirnoff each at his house and she had a sip of wine "out of soneone's bottle" at the party they attended before the Spear Avenue party.

She insisted she was not the aggressor in either of the two fights with the two gurls.

Bobadilla said that " she was very protective of his race" referring to her boyfriend Josiah. She testified that someone could talk to her anyway they wanted but they did not talk to her boyfriend like that, explaining she felt Josiah was accused of stealing the cell phone based on his race.


  1. so that is what she looks like

  2. Note the only long fingernail on this woman's hand is on the pinky finger. The telltale classic coke spoon fingernail. Very sad.