May 4, 2017

"It was not Kyle who stabbed the victim; that Kyle never had a knife."

After the ambulance had left with Josiah, Officer Jacob Mckenzie, who was focused on "subjects being aggressive", said that Angelica McFarland approached him and said she needed to tell him something. " She said she had seen the stabbing, she didnt see who because there were so many subjects around. It was not Kyle who stabbed the victim; that Kyle never had a knife."

Officer Mckenzie had interviewed residents of 1112 Spear Avenue and "residents of the house east of 1120 Spear Avenue."

During redirect, in response to questions by Deputy District Attorney Jessica Watson, Officer McKenzie replied McFarland did not indicate whether she was watching Zoellner the entire night.

"She was calm but adamant about what she said." When asked if McFarland was intoxicated, Officer McKenzie said, "Not at all"

Officer McKenzie interviewed a resident of 1112 Spear Avenue, identified in court, only as "Mr. Venett".  During redirect, Officer Mckenzie said Venett told him one fight occurred, there was a lapse, then another fight. Venett distinctly recalled a male voice from the first fight and he looked out his bedroom window and could not see whose voice he recognized.

During the second altercation, he heard, "That's the guy that kicked the girl in the head."

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  1. A senseless fight one little guy gets the better of one member of a club he just had him in a heat lock he asked the club member hey are you going to be polite and not hit me or my women any more he tapped with little more than his pride hurt and then members of this group / club acting as a gang.
    Knocked the Lil guy out in 15 seconds max, then beats a unconscious man and hits women in the midst this group/club members who admitted to assaulting the little guy should be charged for almost beating and now proven innocent kid, to death. Similar Dynamics were presented by the four officers charged in the Rodney King beating officers were pissed when Rodney King eluded them they nearly beat him to death when acquitted What happened then LA riots??
    Millions of dollars of damage, double standard or what.
    A club could not expect different treatment than, they wanted, expected and rioted over, years ago.
    Justice for Kyle
    As stated years ago, if it doesn’t fit you must acquit.
    The fingerprint fibers blood wasn’t his or on his clothing clearly there was somebody in the background that took misguided Justice in their own hands
    Stand tall Humboldt!!!!!!!
    infectious truths.
    From concerns citizens