May 8, 2017

Is Brothers United still a HSU club? Has there been any fall out after the Spear Avenue party testimony in court?

David Josiah Lawson, was the president of Brothers United. He was stabbed to death in April at an off campus party.

At the preliminary hearing last week, a few members of Brothers United testified.

In response to a question by a reader, I contacted Randi Darnall Burke, Tay Triggs and Molly Kresl.

I asked them the following questions:

1.Is Brothers United still a HSU club?

2. Has there been any effort on part of the University to talk with the members who were at the Spear Avenue party regarding court testimony where more than one member admitted to being in an altercation or witnessing another member in an altercation?

3. Do you have a policy on sanctions against Clubs violating HSU standards, if you have such a policy for them to be an official club?

The following are responses  from Randi Burke, HSU Dean of Students.

"Yes, Brother United is a HSU club. "

"The university cannot confirm or deny any contact with a student as the university cannot comment on any matters involving individual students per federal and state privacy laws, similar to the employment laws regarding privacy for employees.  Student conduct rules are not confined to the campus.  If the off-campus behavior poses a threat to the campus or the behavior occurs at an off-campus university sponsored event, then the university will investigate. "

"Clubs as well as individual students may be sanctioned for violating university policies."

This is from Brothers United HSU site:

Brothers United (BU) is a community based, cultural club here at HSU. We are made up of strong Black men working to become leaders in our community. BU was formed in the intent to unite mainly brothers of color but welcome anyone willing to join. We are a club dedicated to community service, unity, brotherhood, and aim to enrich ourselves as one, culturally, socially, politically and intellectually. Brothers United, BU, Unity.


  1. So will Brothers United be sanctioned for violating university policies?

  2. They certainly should I would say one of your members dying at a party 3am where people were so snockered that no two reports were consistent would seem to me to warrant an investigation by the school it presents with everything the school stare "an off campus event that poses a threat" in this case an actual life. Im sorry but HSU looks pretty incompetent. If I was pres everyone of those students would have been rounded up put on academic probation and threatened with explosion if they didn't start remembering. The probation would stand until such time they were able to demonstrate some responsible behavior. I guess that's why I'm not pres. And I wouldn't send my family member to HSU after I saw how they handled this.

  3. Here's a tweet from an HSU-funded office. Maybe you could get a comment about this?

    1. I'll comment. That tweet is racist drivel and it has no place in our community. HSU needs to cancel that account/group and expel the student or employee that posted it.