May 4, 2017

" He said he'd rather take a beating than stab somebody."


APD Sgt. Todd Dokweiler is the lead investigator for the David Josiah Lawson case. He was the last witness to testify today.

Sgt. Dokweiler formally interviewed Kyle Zoellner on April 15 after his arrest.

According to Zoellner, he first approached two men about Lilla Ortega's lost cellphone. He told Sgt. Dokweiler the men were angry because they felt they were being accused.

Shortly after, a third man exited the house " imnediately came forward and punched him in the face and he was thrown against a car." Zoellner did not specify if the other two men punched him. Sgt Dokweiler said that Zoellner told him that " he did not really remember anything after he went to the ground. Next thing he recalled was being led to the car."

Sgt. Dokweiler informed Zoellner that people had said,he stabbed someone. Zoelkner asked him if anyone had witnessed him stabbing someone or they were saying he stabbed someone. Sgt. Dokweiler said people just told them he had stabbed someone.

Sgt. Dokweiler said that Zoellner's demeanor was calm. Zoellner did not recall stabbing anyone.

"He felt that sort of conflict could be resolved with words and if it didn't, someone was doing something wrong. He said he'd rather take a beating than stab somebody."

Zoellner during that interview told Sgt. Dokweiler he did not own any knives. Later, APD found the knife bag.

However, when Sgt. Todd Dokweiler was cross examined by Zoellner's attorney, Mr. Luke Brownfield, referring to a,writfen trabscript of that interview, Sgt. Dokweiler  clarified that  Zoellner was asked if he owned a pocket or clip knife.

The knife found at the crime scene was 10 inches long; the blade 6 inches. It is larger than a paring knife. Zoellner's boss daid he had purchased majority of the knives at the catering business Zoellner worked for and that knife was not one of those he recognized from his business.

Sgt. Dokweiler inspected Zoellner's hands and there were no wounds on his hands.


  1. This trial is the ugliest most convoluted case I've read so far. Even Kitchen's is more logical and concise! Why were white people going to predominantly black party? They, the black people, were racist pack attacking Zoellner because they were "offended when asked about the lost phone and if they had it". This is the way we all get along as Arcatans? Well, go back to your huts and ghettos and leave the anger and hate in your hometowns-not here in Humboldt. This is racist hate and the DA should be calling it just that. Zoelner appears to be the patsie for racial pacification.

    1. Can't help but agree here...

  2. It's blowing my mind. Correct me if I am wrong, but not a SINGLE bad thing has been said about Zoellner by any of the witnesses. The women were acting bad, intoxicated, on drugs, according to one witness using racial slurs. The Brothers United were also intoxicated, being offensive, argumentative, assaulted Zoellner, being super offensive to police and medical workers, going on TV and acting foolish. Then there is Zoellner, the sober driver picking up his girlfriend and helping her find her phone. At first I have to say, it would have been offensive to some people to imply just how innocent Zoellner is but it just keeps coming! He seems like a really good guy! Even the police are reviewing the written transcripts and not finding anything wrong with Zoellners statements.

  3. Brothers United: Is this what Lawson belonged to??

    The Brothers United Network is a collective of African American Gay/SGL Men that seek to provide community empowerment and self actualization through its individual BU Chapters in Nashville, Chattanooga, Memphis, Knoxville, and West TN. The BU Network is the only Black Gay owned and volunteer based 501c3 Non Profit organization in the state. The organization strives to provide continuous psychosocial, life coaching, affirming pastoral care, and healthy social supports to the African American LGBT community to enhance their life. The network also supplies an empowerment structure for personal growth, community building and positive self actualization through the efforts of the statewide BU chapters, as well as the Young Brothers United, Sisters United and Nashville Black Pride groups
    If so, this is a racist group at Humboldt State with a major attitude issue.

  4. No local Brothers United member who testified
    would answer questions about the group and any given in court do not answer your question.

  5. So, one witness might have seen the stabbing but couldn't identify Zoelnerlner, nobody else saw anything useful, there is no connection between the knife found at the scene and Zoellner, he made no admissions, and virtually every witness has a different account of the events of that night. Typically a holding order is a matter of course, here, it seems like the DA might not get that.