Oct 4, 2016

Should a guy with two pending alleged violence cases against two different women; more cases not fully investigated be allowed to plead out as early resolution?

John Michael Stolpe was arrested July 10, 2106 for alleged domestic violence at the 2500 block of Rita Avenue in McKinleyville by HCSO Deputy L. Mathieson. He posted bond and was released.

In the 2016 case, Stolpe is charged with a misdemeanor, Count 1 Inflicting corporal injury upon a cohabitant or spouse.

In 2007, he plead guilty and was convicted of a DUI. 

The mugshot below is an old one. He does not look like this anymore. He has gained weight, is twice the size, dressed in a brown sweatshirt, the Public Defender's office was appointed to represent him, since they represented him in 2007.

Mr. Kevin Robinson was present with Stolpe for his arraignment this morning for the 2016 case. The 2007 case was also on calendar. In that case, there was a petition filed in 2008, nothing else in the file, according to Commissioner Michael Eannarino. DDA Max Cardoza mumbled something but did not have any paperwork and so that 2007 "matter was dropped and the warrant recalled" until the DA's office decides to make that case "active" or not.

Stolpe's next court date for the 2016 is October 27 in Courtroom Two at 2 p.m. 

His case was moved from Courtroom 3, which is an early resolution court to Courtroom 2, at the request of Mr. Robinson.

The People's offer in early resolution court for the 2016 was to plead guilty and a 52 week batterer program.

This afternoon, he has another case from 2013, a DV Prevention with a minor child filed against him by Kandi H. A pre-trial is scheduled today and the case has several future dates for child custody and visitation. This case is still open.

I spent a lot of time looking over other four alleged cases against Stolpe. Family law cases are not easy to look up in the system. Court records were listed differently, in some just John M. Stolpe, in one no birth date, in others birth date but no middle initial was listed but all had several verified information in common pointing to this John Stolpe and I cross checked each case.

Makes it harder when people name their sons and grandsons with the same first and middle name and court computers do not list birthdates or sr, jr etc.

There is a family law and a family support case with an Amanda P and Stolpe; There is another family support case filed by the County of Humboldt and one family law case establishing a parental relationship. I am not listing the minor's name.

Even without the four alleged cases where more information should be listed, there are definitely two cases involving this guy with two different women. With the other four cases, that makes three different women, two cases involving children.

Should this guy be allowed to plead out with an early resolution offer  with just a batterer program or further investigation done into a pattern of alleged behavior.

2016 case

2007 case

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