Oct 8, 2016

California inmates no longer eligible for early release from parole if convicted of murder of a police officer

Jerry Brown got one thing partially right in criminal justice reform.

Would have been better if he had eliminated parole completely for those convicted of killing a police officer.

Then again, he is the Governor championing for Prop 57 because less consequences for criminals have worked so well.

Excerpt from ktla.com

California offenders will no longer be eligible for early release from parole if they have been convicted of murder in the death of a police officer.
Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday signed legislation that exempts offenders from consideration for compassionate or medical release.
Currently under the law, the secretary of the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and the Board of Parole Hearings determine whether a prisoner meets those provisions.

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  1. Governor Jerry Brown needs to step down as our Governor because there is to many manic depressants in this world getting away with Murder. Rape drug abuse and crimes. What is wrong with our Society is everyone wants to be on President Obama side and he does nothing but harm the American people who he supposedly represents Hillary Clinton will be the same way that's why she won't be getting any of my families votes on Election day. Just stateing my opinion here is all.