Aug 11, 2016

Who is behind the LOCO boycott?

After yesterday's comments on the LOCO article with names of growers registering and applying for permits, some commenters suggested this boycott.

Today, this appeared.


  1. The old Arcata Eye was the subject of a boycott by growers upset about its reporting; same old, same old. As some commenters on the LoCo story noted, fifty years of bad (black market) habits will be hard for some folks to break.

  2. Actually, in both cases, I support the boycott. In the latest LOCO furor, both in the case of the spin on their consulting/advertiser's side of the story as well as the release of names. In this case too, lets see what the follow up reveals.

  3. why not boycott their other media outlet? Isnt the lost coast outpost all one conglomerate of lost cost communications, ie khum and kslug, or maybe I have that wrong.

    1. Good point. Why not boycott both, which would be more effective.