Aug 15, 2016

Rick Littlefield not in custody; SWAP status info ?, no violation of probation filed, another slap on the wrist?

Public access court computers were down so I could not check any follow up on Rick Littlefield not showing up for his SWAP and commit date on Saturday, August 13.

I checked with the jail, he is not in custody. I tried to contact SWAP to see if  what happened since 8/13 and left a message.

I called the District Attorney's office and the last date for his 2016 case is August 13. No bench warrant or violation of probation has been filed yet.

His bail bond was exonarated, so if a bench warrant was issued, he would be held on no bail unless SWAP makes a different decision.

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  1. This guy is a first class piece of excrement. How stupid does one have to be to solicit a "attractive" hooker on 2nd Street without realizing that she is a cop? Five DUI's use to be automatic prison time for obvious reasons. Littlefield is convinced he is invincible and the DA's office appears to be complicit in his delusion.

  2. Failure to report to SWAP is not a violation of probation. Once found he will have to complete his SWAP sentence only in jail, because he violated his agreement to perform SWAP with the jail. Performing SWAP is not a condition of his probation.

  3. 5 DUI's and he gets probation!!! Is it me or is this county just passing out FREE PASS cards to ALL DUI drivers??? Even the gross vehicular manslaughter ones are getting free passes, it's disturbing to say the least.