Aug 5, 2016

"It has been alleged, and Marcia Kitchen admitted to me, that she hit Kiya Kitchen with her vehicle."

More details revealed in the domestic restraining order filed by Joseph Kitchen against Marcia Kitchen, which was first reported on this blog on July 22.

Visiting Judge Arvid Johnson granted everything requested by Joe Kitchen in his temporary restraining order, he has no attorney and filed this pro per. Marcia Kitchen's response was filed on her behalf by her attorney, Mr. Benjamin Okin.

There are restrictions on Marcia Kitchen traveling with her son without permission and no visitation with her son until the August 17 hearing.

Joe Kitchen expresses concerns that Marcia Kitchen may abscond with their son.

In a request for a stay away order, question # 7, Joe Kitchen states, "It has been alleged, and Marcia Kitchen admitted to me, that she hit Kiya Kitchen with her vehicle."

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  1. Thanks for the update!

  2. When are they going to have enough evidence to charge her with a crime? This is over the top.

    1. CHP and her lawyers are not talking until the investigation is complete so can't answer that question.

  3. Mr. Chiv, is there ever going to be an arrest made? This is taking too long. I understand being thorough in this very complex case but it seems like it's being prolonged to either be swept under the rug or so people won't be as hateful to the mother. I'm no detective but all the info I have gathered she should be in jail. Unless it's bigger than any one of us can imagine. I pray this case ends soon for all involved.

  4. The 17th has come and gone... Did she show up to that hearing? I'm assuming not...

  5. No, she did not. Her attorney appeared for her. I did a post on that hearing. The restraining order was dismissed without prejudice on Joe Kitchen's request. His attorney said that the parties had reached a resolution. No one is talking, not the attorneys, not CHP.