Aug 16, 2016

Did Joe Kitchen hire Tracey Rain as his lawyer for the restraining order/custody hearing?

Sometimes walking down the hallway on the second floor, you stumble on a possible scoop?

I saw Marcia's Kitchen's attorney, Mr. Benjamin Okin speaking with Ms. Tracey Rain, who practices family law. What got my attention was Ms. Rain saying, "Why can't she show up?" then seeing me, Mr. Okin indicated to Ms. Rain they should talk privately. Which I understand. I gave them time to walk away before checking the public computer access room since where they were standing close by to that room.

I don't remember all the conversation but I heard enough to guess the her is most likely Marcia Kitchen.

Joe Kitchen did not have an attorney as of last week when I was able to check the computer.

If the public access to court computers was working, I could check more information and verify this directly but they have been down for a week, working intermittently, and not all for the last two days. And today, they wouldn't even answer the door at court tech. It's been a week and a half.

They know it is a security certificate issue but have not been able to fix it yet. Bail companies, background checkers, the public use these computers and it is more than a minor inconvenience.

The file is with the Judge so I cannot look at it.

I did check with the clerk's office on I street about the Kitchen case. No attorney on record has been filed yet for Joe Kitchen but maybe that will happen at tomorrow's hearing.