Aug 4, 2016

Defense motion to dismiss Mario Nunez's case in the Jesus Garcia homicide denied

The defense won one motion to get access to residence, on behalf of Mario Nunez was granted on July 28 but today the defense motion to dismiss Nunez's case was denied by Judge Timothy Cissna after hearing from both attorneys.

Deputy David Christiansen was present for the People. Mr. David Celli was appointed to represent Nunez.

The People had opposed the motion to dismiss.

May 25, 2016

Motion to continue jury trial in Jesus Garcia homicide granted, new jury trial date is August 22

This afternoon trial confirmation was scheduled in Courtroom 5 for all four suspects in the Jesus Garcia homicide.

Joe Olivio III is represented by Ms private attorney, Ms. Anakalia "Andrea" Kaluna Sullivan, Mario Nunez is represented by Mr. David Celli., private attorney Mr. Michael Acosta represents Nicholas Leigl and private attorney Ms. Christina Allbright represents Joe Olivio, Jr.

A motion to continue the jury trial scheduled for June 6 was filed by Ms. Sullivan.

Mr. Manny Daskal made a special appearance on behalf of Ms. Sullivan today.

New trial date is August 22. Pre-trial is July 26.

Judge Hinrichs granted the motion to continue after hearing from Deputy District Attorney David Christensen and all the defense attorneys. Mr. Celli and Ms. Allbright said discovery was outstanding.

May 23, 2016

Private attorney for one of the suspects in Jesus Garcia homicide requesting a continuance

Trial confirmation is scheduled on May 25 for the four suspects in the Jesus Garcia homicide.

Anakalia "Andrea" Kaluna Sullivan, Joe Olivio III's private attorney She is a Lake  and Mendocino County criminal defense attorney with offices in Ukiah and Lakeport.

Ms. Sullivan has requested a continuance for Joe Olivio III for the jury trial currently scheduled for June 6.

That motion for continuance is scheduled tomorrow at the same time as trial confirmation for Olivio III and the other three suspects.

Apr 4, 2016

Four suspects in the Jesus Garcia homicide held to answer on charges, case to proceed to jury trial

The four suspects in the Jesus Garcia homicide were held to answer all charges and special allegations today by Judge Hinrichs.

The preliminary hearing lasted all of last week and concluded today.

 Arraignment on information for the jury trial is on  April 18 at 2pm in Courtroom 5.

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