Oct 11, 2018

The Peter Yellowbird investigation regarding allegations against Officer Drake Goodale is complete

Remember Peter Yellowbird? He sent a selective clip and made allegations against EPD Officer Drake Goodale.

Links below will fill you in on the background if you did not read the previous posts.

It was June 2018 when I spoke with EPD Chief Watson on timeline and process. I followed up with him today.

Chief Watson told me that the investigation is complete but he has not reviewed it yet because he hasn't received the results yet. "I cannot give you any updates yet," he said.

Due to confidentiality issues and Government code, Chief Watson said he will be limited in what he can share with the public.

"The reporting party will be informed and Mr. Yellowbird can chose to share that information, however I have to balance privacy, the law with public interest."

Chief Watson is giving that balance consideration and he has not made any decision about a public statement.

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