Jun 26, 2018

So is this the same Pete Yellow Bird from LOCO's post today?

I knew the name sounded familiar. There is a Peter Yellowbird who is one of the parties in a civil lawsuit. The other party is Genna Dove. The way names are entered in the court system, sometimes there are slight variances. The decision in that case is being appealed by Genna Dove.

There was a defamation lawsuit, same parties filed on 2/6/18 that was dismissed on 4/10/18. Another defamation lawsuit filed on 4/6/17, same parties, also dismissed.

So far, based on Yellow Bird's own video, looks like he is trying to stir shit, is foul mouthed and LOCO is enabling him to stir up claims of racism without all the facts.

Funny, the same people crying racism about a video that is one sided and doesn't capture the entire incident have no problem with racist comments on Lost Coast Outpost.

Past LOCO comments:

More examples below.



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