Jan 4, 2018

Criminal proceedings suspended for Hugo Parral -Aguirre

Intervention had been continued to January 3 so his attorney and an interpreter could meet with Hugo Parral-Aguirre.

He is being evaluated by Dr. Ramirez to see if he is competent to stand trial.  At arraignment, two family members were in court sitting next to me. They had some questions about court proceedings. At that time, one of them indicated with a gesture that maybe Aguirre could be found mentally incompetent.

Aguirre's preliminary hearing scheduled for January 5. Dr. Ramirez's report is scheduled for January 24.

He is charged with attempted murder of Deputy Rosalie Freixas; attempted murder of Carol Fuentes;  false imprisonment of Courtney Schlapicohl and assault with a firearm on Sgt. Greg Musson.

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