Dec 1, 2016

David Lockhart pleads guilty , stipulated sentence of three years in prison for the death of Hannah Baker

This morning David Lockhart entered a second plea. He pleaded guilty to Count 1 as charged as well as the special allegation.

Count 1 can be sentenced as 16 months, two years or four years. The special allegation has a 1 year prison term.
(Hannah Baker)

The stipulated agreed sentence is the mid term of two years as well as the 1 year for the special allegation making it a total of three years.

Both parties agreed to sentencing at a later date but could not agree to a date today. A hearing to set that date is scheduled for  12/7 at 8:30 a.m.

The plea is not final until that date.

Deputy District Attorney David Christensen was present for the People, Mr. Patrik Griego for the Baker family and Mr. Russ Clanton with his client Lockhart.

Some family members and friends of the victim were present in court today.

Nov 23, 2016

One plea rejected, now just before the jury trial starts again, a change of plea entered by David Lockhart

After the last plea was rejected by Judge Timothy Cissna, and the case went all the way to a jury trial again, today during trial assignment, Lockhart's jury trial was vacated and a change of plea entered for 12/1/2016.

David Lockhart is charged with Count 1, vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence in the death of Hannah Denise Baker. There is a special allegation that Lockhart caused great bodily injury or death to John Doe.

Mr. Patrik Griego, who represents the Baker family, is discussing this possible option with the family. For background on the case and why the other plea was rejected, please see link below.

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  1. Just doesn't seem right that this beautiful innocent life and the damage done to Hannah's little boy is only worth 3 years of this guys life?!?!?! And will he actually do 3 yrs or will he only have to do half of that? Rest in Peace Hannah <3

  2. Well life just isn't fair all the time and I can assure you the accident wasn't done on purpose it truly was an accident :-(

    1. This WASN'T an Accident!!!!! He chose to take those medication. He also chose to drive while under the influence of drugs. It really doesn't matter if the drugs were legal or illegal. He was impaired. He KILLED Hannah and gravely injured her son. He deserves more than 3 years. It really makes me sad that he is just getting a slap on the wrist. Especially since he had priors. They need to suspend his license. I take medication for a chronic disease but I also will NOT drive. I ask for help from other people. Other people drive me. I WON'T risk hurting or killing someone else.

  3. People should be held accountable for taking someones life, three years is just not enough. People go to prison longer for doing less than killing someone.