Dec 21, 2016

Kent Sawatzky leaves a threatening message on Supervisor Sundberg's voicemail; mentioning Rex, Estelle and Lee Ulansey, says, "I am not a drug pusher"

Public watchdog Kent Sawatzky left a threatening message on Supervisor Ryan Sundberg's phone.

He mentions contacting Supervisor Rex Bohn, Supervisor Estelle Fennell and "Lee", assuming he means HUMCPR and Planning Commisioner Lee Ulansey in the sound clip.

"This is your last chance to reach out and communicate," followed by "Otherwise I will continue to do what I do." "It's kinda unfair to you because I have an unfair advantage but hey."

Sawatzky also says "I am not a drug pusher".

I have the sound clip, blogger does not support audio so I will see what I can do.

Supervisor Ryan Sundberg told me that Sawatsky has put in a public records request for all voicemails he left on the Supervisors' phones.

Sawatzky has been vocal on many issues but the drug pushing reference is the same words he has used in reference to the local cannabis industry, in public comments. He also supports HUMMAP's lawsuit against the County.

I made contact with Mr. Sawatzky. He will be meeting with me and I have another pist with response from him.

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