Dec 13, 2016

Man arrested near Gold Rush coffee on Broadway minutes ago

A Robert Cochran, was arrested a few minutes ago near the Gold Rush coffee, by the Chevron, on Broadway. Regular readers of my blog who were there and sent in these photos, spoke with his wife and allegedly the wife said that Cochran committed a robbery last night and "they hauled him off to jail.' I was listening  on the phone as they were talking.

The wife told the readers that they were trying to get to Redding and that the police took their stuff, including their tent. The reader drove back to the scene a while ago and the wife is gone.

Just spoke with EPD Crime Analyst Brittany Powell. She confirmed that only Robert Cochran was arrested for possession of stolen property and probation violation.

He is one of the alleged suspects charged with stealing the Toys for Tots bins from the Bayshore Mall last night. Some of the property was found in his possession. EPD is working on locating the second suspect.


  1. Glad to hear they got at least one of the suspects. How did they plan on getting to Redding with Hiway 299 completely closed by a slide (or didn't they know about that0?

  2. These types have no clue....and probably no vehicle to even get from A to B.