Dec 14, 2016

Nothing in the recent TS article or any media coverage of Suazo death investigation about the lax /lack of supervision of clean and sober houses in Eureka

According to a Times Standard article on December 11, the house where Jennika Suazo's body was found is a clean and sober living house known by some as the "P street house," according to May. A Facebook page lists the house as "P St. Clean and Sober Living."

This is the owner of the house and it is listed as a single family residence.


According to that article , " Tim Shelley runs the clean and sober program there and said he was "shocked" to hear the news about the suspicious death investigation."

According to the EPD in the same TS article, some 22 people were residing at the house on 3rd and P.

Found two articles on Tim Shelly/Shelley in Eureka.

Last name is spelled differently and interchangably so hard to tell if there is more than one Tim Shelly/Shelley.

At least one of the Tim Shelley's is the same one connected to 3rd and P, running a clean and sober program.

The Tim Shelley in the TS article below also ran a clean and sober "program".


"The owner of a local clean and sober house has been told he has too many residents."

City planner Kristin Goetz said the city received a complaint stating that the garage and shed had been converted to living space and that the property was being used as a recovery house with 20 people. "
"The property is zoned single-family residential, and an alcohol/drug recovery house with more than six residents is not an allowed use in that zone," Goetz said.
Shelley said the house is not a treatment facility but simply a home where recovering drug addicts live together for support.

Then there is this other article.

Tried to research if the Tim Shelley of Tim's Plumbing was the same. Would be helpful if all records included middle name. 

News: 2014 Press Release, California Department of Insurance

Business owner arrested on multiple felony charges for illegal business operations and workers' compensation insurance fraud
HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. - Tim Shelley, 57, owner of Tim's Plumbing was arrested yesterday on felony charges of workers' compensation insurance fraud and grand theft. A joint investigation with the Department of Insurance and Humboldt County District Attorney's Office uncovered Shelley's multiple illegal business operations, alleged warranty scam and insurance fraud.

"Refusing to provide workers' compensation insurance can be devastating to employees and it is illegal," said Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones. "California business owners should know that it is their responsibility to provide workers' compensation insurance. We continue to find individuals that choose to disregard the law, but I am committed to working with our law enforcement partners to stop those who commit insurance fraud."
During the course of the investigation, it was discovered that Shelley deliberately failed to obtain workers' compensation insurance for his employees. There were instances in which employees were injured and were discouraged from claiming workers' compensation benefits. As a result, severely injured workers were unable to afford their medical costs for treatment and suffered significant financial hardships.
Further investigation revealed that Shelley was also allegedly operating a warranty replacement scam. The scam involved removing warranty tags on water heaters installed for customers and then turning in a false warranty claim, Shelley received a number of free replacement units from the manufacturer.
Shelley was arrested on June 24, 2014. The Humboldt County District Attorney's Office will be prosecuting the case. If convicted, Shelley faces up to 18 years in state prison and $260,000 in fines.

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