Dec 11, 2016

Nadine Schifano cleared, McKenzie Fleek with her dad, who was granted full custody by the court

On 12/09/16, at around 3:14 PM, Eureka Police Department officers responded to the 3300 block of Dolbeer Street on the report of a possible parental child abduction. Further investigation has revealed 10-year-old MacKenzie Fleek was erroneously reported to have been taken from that location by her mother, Nadine Schifano, in violation of a civil restraining order.

MacKenzie has been located and is safe out of state with her biological father who was granted full custody by the court. Schifano has been cleared of any involvement in her disappearance.


  1. Glad this has a happy ending and that the minor will spend the holidays with her father. Sorry the mother had to be falsely accused. Situation reminds me how you only post information you can verify...too bad others don't show as much discretion; fewer innocent people slandered and hurt

  2. This was actually a police press release. The fault lies with the family member who called the pice. I usually do not like to post missing people press releases, they usually are not missing. I did it three times, this one and the last one accusing a dad of taking his,daughter when he was actually misinformed he had custody and third, just received a request for a 2014 post from the person who left an abusive situation and family ignored wishes and contacted the police anyway. In the two young children's case, CWS should be investigated and grandparents should be blamed for wasting law enforcement resources and using the media.