Dec 29, 2016

Second bite at the apple partially successfully, Nicholas Leigl to be arraigned for Jesus Garcia case

Visiting Judge Arnold Rosenfield ruled after hearing arguments from both attorneys today, Deputy DA David Christensen and Leigl's attorney Michael Acosta.

This second preliminary was a two day preliminary hearing starting yesterday. Judge Rosenfield's final decision was:

To issue a holding order to accessory after fact and Leigl was held to answer on the criminal gang participation special allegation. He was not held to answer on the murder charge.

Leigl is one of four suspects in the Jesus Garcia homicide and had his case previously dismissed after a 995 motion.

The possibity of another 995 motion is an option referred to in court today.

Arraignment on information on January 13.

Bail reduction hearing is next week.

I only attended the Judge's ruling, not the two day preliminary since I covered the original preliminary hearing which no other media did so didn't sit through it again.

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