Dec 10, 2016

Go Fund me account set up family of deceased female on P street with funeral expenses

The father knows, the mother knows, family members know. Facebook and online comments have already revealed who the deceased is since yesterday.

Coroner may not release information over the weekend, if you want to help this family.

This is one of many facebook posts, this one from her aunt, asking for help with funeral expenses:

"I am my brother's sister I am convinced was his sister his daughter Jennika Lee Suazo. passed away the other day I have set up a GoFundMe page to help him pay for the funeral if anybody has problems with that please direct all messages to me she was 18 years old she was my brother's child he has a right to raise money to make her funeral beautiful also and I am doing so because he can't even function sleep rest or otherwise so we can make arrangements to please any personal messages of upset or other please personal message me to not personal message me where everybody can see it and it upsets my brother im Kevin Suazo oldest sister."

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