Dec 31, 2016

NCJ must have forgotten the time they published a court document with a minor's initials; Jennifer Cahill and NCJ's attempt to be buzzfeed backfires

I stopped reading the North Coast Journal a while back. A regular reader mentioned if I saw my name in this recent issue.

So, I picked it up. I was not expecting anything positive and NCJ is so predictable, they never fail to disappoint.

I would thank the NCJ and Jennifer Fumiko Cahill for the shout out  but besides the little clique of so called reporters who play musical chairs from TS to NCJ to LOCO and the small group of progressives and Judy Hodgson's friends and family considering it media, NCJ is only good for lining the bird cage or wrapping up fish; actually the birds and fish deserve better.

Jennifer, you are no more a journalist than Andrew Goff is a photographer because he has a camera. You may have a title given to you by NCJ but unlike you, I actually worked as a reporter for real newspapers in Philadelphia, Atlanta, have a 30 year career as a journalist and was good enough to be interviewed by BBC so I really do not give a damn about your opinion.

A real journalist checks facts. You are complaining that I outed minors in the Fortuna High School alleged bombing fiasco" case by using initials when NCJ did the same thing in the coverage of the Adam Laird case. Every one was talking about who these kids were before my post. It isn't my fault that the Fortuna bumbling police made premature conclusions without proper investigation and haven't a clue about when to release information to press to quell public concerns.

This is the link to the court document about a juvenile's  initials that NCJ published.

So it is okay for NCJ but not me? Maybe you should have done your research Jennifer, then again, journalist you are not.

Here is another link to a big error NCJ made in the Gary Lee Bullock case. Thad came to court once, for a couple of hours and this error was made about a high profile case with a defendant facing life without parole, with a gag order, misleading the public about what the jury knew and was instructed because Thad was not in court.

Only I reported on Humboldt County and Adult Protective Services vs Magney locally; in fact I broke the story in October 2016 and again in December 2016 and I will have yet another post with an update in the next couple of days. I heard NCJ is going to be covering this case. What else is new? NCJ often follows up on stories I originally broke. Will NCJ exclude giving me credit like they have in the past? It isn't the first time and readers notice.

That's basic journalism 101 Jennifer.

NCJ never covered the Kailan Meserve case.  Afraid to piss off  the Meserve's and the pot industry that advertises on NCJ?

When PALCO Marsh campers were being evicted and again, at the temporary camps near the Wharfinger, NCJ made a beeline following AHHA around instead of observing and reporting so all your kvetching about Cyndi Day Wilson and compassion for the homeless is actually activist reporting with NCJ's mind made up about what angle to cover.

I have written several times about the mediocrity and hypocrisy of certain local media. The link below is just one example.

Jennifer did you complain about Times Standard revealing a suicide victim's name?

Did you complain or were even aware that Mad River Union used the full name of a minor in a high profile court case (changed  after the family complained) or Channel 3 making a similar mistake?

You want to talk about ethics, would that be like Thad Greenson and Hank Sims chosen by EPD to select and question police candidates for captains and then covering the news ?

Jennifer, unlike you and your NCJ, LOCO cohorts that sit around and have time and money to spend at the Humboldt Tourism Center and other spots in Old Town, I work hard all day, I built my business from scratch and earn money to subsidize my blog, out of choice because I care about this community. I could spend all my time making money, if I chose. A blog does not make me any less legitimate because I chose that format for financial independence. I also do not need to trade ads to show that my publication is valid. Yes, that is directed at NCJ and a very particular example.

Unlike you Jennifer, I have built a successful readership, following and business from scratch in Humboldt and other places than Humboldt. And, I can do it again. You wouldn't make it anywhere other than Humboldt.

Don't condescend to me because I chose to be a blogger and because you work for NCJ and that somehow makes you more legitimate or better. NCJ wouldn't exist without your publisher, because on your own, you so called writers could not fund your leisurely lifestyle and pass what you think is reporting news. NCJ and LOCO are mediocrity that has existed because no one else was available and fueled by the radical local progressive support, with complete disregard to what the public needs or should know. Now people have other choices. Other media have paid staff, four or five, especially NCJ and LOCO. You all still get scooped by me, over and over again with just a smart phone. The rest of the local media is suddenly covering courts, more than usual, but didn't think of that years ago until I started my blog and it took off, did you?

A real journalist does not write trash like "10 top dick moves." A rag does. If a man had written a sexist headline like that, people would be outraged. Anyone who advertises in your trashy publication has no couth.

Real journalists do not write for a publication that needs hooks on the cover to get people to pick it up.

If I was not successful, why would you feel the need to mention me or diss me?

Update: Here is a link to a pdf where NCJ used the first name of the minor (at that time), not just initials.

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  1. "Jennifer, you are no more a journalist than Andrew Goff is a photographer because he has a camera. "

    fabulous stuff