Dec 21, 2016

Kent Sawatzky elaborates on the voicemail he left Supervisor Sundberg; suggests BOS put a moratorium on commercial cannabis ordinance for now

Kent Sawatzky

I did a post earlier today about a voicemail left by public watchdog Kent Sawatzky. He is a regular at the Board of Supervisor meetings as well as other government meetings.

Mr. Sawatzky told me that he does not email, "instead I leave a voicemail when people do not answer their phones."

He said he stands by his fatherly advice that "anyone who participates in; engages in or facilitates a federal criminal activity may fall under the purview of the federal government."

"I have left many messages for Supervisors over the years when I have been in the chambers. I do not recall leaving one for Supervisor Sundberg after the one he provided you."

"I consider myself to be a pacifist who uses his words to bring out the truth and make change. The fatherly advice is free"

Mr. Sawatzky said that the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors should put a moratorium "on a minimum of the commercial cannabis ordinance until the new federal administration makes it's policy known.

"I welcome an open discussion in the public forum."

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  1. I like Kent and he was always nice and pleasant to me, but why is this not considered a "state's rights issue?" The voters through initiatives, legislative bodies and local governing authorities have made their preference clear. This is our state, and our laws. Why does this not fall under the purvue of the 10th Amendment. Just because he and others disagree with the decisions and judgments of this state does not give him free rein to threaten and tamper with our elected officials. I thought conservatives were for smaller government. Guess not. I happen to virulently disagree with a decision made by Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania but I respect it. This is nothing more than abandonment of conservative principles for political expediency. If the Feds go after those folks in the hills with reckless abandon, there will be issues.

  2. Jim Rose, your comment got accidentally deleted while publishing. I am reprinting it from email:

    Jim Rose has left a new comment on your post "Kent Sawatzky elaborates on the voicemail he left ...":

    It's not a state's right issue for the same reason the marriage equality issue wasn't. (Funny how some of the people want it one way and not the other) Federal law always supercedes state law. Until the feds decide if they will pursue or re-categorize MJ or more likely just D-list the investigation of it, you can still get arrested for it. While that might not be the answer you want to here, that is the truth of the matter.