Dec 26, 2016

Broken ribs, chest pain and hurt wrist possible injuries in Fairfield collision, my friends are at the ER now

The traffic collision at Fairfield today affects me on a personal level. It involves a family, who are good friends of mine.

I was just contacted by the husband of the family in the blue car after seeing the original post. I will not be using names at his request.

The husband who I spoke with said "Hey John, the accident on fairfield was actually (his wife) and two of our kids and her brother. She was driving north bound on fairfield when a lady was driving north and turned out in front of her without signaling or anything. We're at the ER now. "

"She turned left and hit (his wife) knocking her into the sidewalk."

His youngest, his son, "had some marks on his neck from the seatbelt and was complaining about a slight chest pain. His wife said her wrist was hurting and she took their son straight to the ER in truck while he dealt with the accident. "I brought my brother in-law to the ER after because he hit his head on the dash and may have broken some ribs."

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