Dec 9, 2016

Drug house bust on P street in Eureka?

Reader tip that police cars on P street between 3rd and 4 th streets. Area is taped off.

Reader and street tip claim drug activity in this clean and sober house.

Reports that  17 or 18 year old female found dead in shower, could be drug overdose.

EPD Captain Steve Watson came out to briefly speak with North Coast News and Mark McKenna, the only other media on scene. Lost Coast got here about 10 minutes ago.

He said this is a death investigation, he has not been in the house yet and all he can tell us at this point is a deceased person.

Captain Watson is managing the scene, assigning officers, interviewing witnesses. Police chaplain Andy Van Broese is here.

Captain Watson said they are not sure yet  what type  of death orcause of death they are dealing with yet, so they are handling this and taking all neccessary precautions and measures.

KAEF, Mark left, I am  are leaving since not much information can be given out at this time.

A man who lives behind the house just returned home from work to find the house taped off.

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