Dec 22, 2016

"We are not saying anyone did anything wrong" but Chief Andy Mills says he does have some concerns

EPD Chief Andrew Mills said that he understands any officer involved shoiting "must be legally and morally justified."

"My job as police chief is to be objective and accountable to the City Manager and citizens."

"I want you to know I do have some concerns at what I have seen at this point."

"My concerns are several-fold," said Chief Mills. "Most important, the environment and context where some of these shots took place, what was going on in the officer's mind."

"Officers are trained to shoot until the threat is stopped."

Stating that not at this point of the investigation but later, a shooting review board will be involved.

Of the four officers in the EPD officer involved shooting on December 6, Officer Stephen Linfoot fired 16 shots in one ejected round.

Linfoot was first officer to shoot, Off Nantz five rounds, Officer Jansen fired all 20 rounds and Detective Harpham one round.

Total of 42 rounds fired at Lasinki's vehicle, metal fence. "Errant rounds were not fired," said Chief Mills. At one point, Detective Harpham chose to hold fire out of concern for civilians.

No one has reported to EPD that they were hit during this incident.

EPD is launching a website today, info will be available on Lasinski shooting, Tommy McClain shooting summary and video of EPD officer, Adam Laird allegedly kicking a juvenile, the one that NCJ filed a lawsuit to obtain.

A lead psychologist came up last week, met with all dispatchers and three of the four officers involved in shooting; Officer Janssen was away on a pre-scheduled vacation. The other three officers have been cleared after debriefing and one on one with the psychologist to return to duty, effective tomorrow.

"This is a tough job we ask our young men and women to do in micro seconds, we expect them to be right 100% of the time, while running with tons of gear, with partial information" on scene.

I asked Chief Mills what impact it had on EPD with daily major crimes occuring and having one of his most senior detectives out during the investigation; Detective Ron Harpham.

Chief Mills said the investigative unit at EPD is small; "when you take the most senior detective out, it's tough, especially when he is the guy who investigates most officer involved shootings."


  1. Steven Linfoot, did he get transferred up here from LA?

  2. Wow...I can't believe they are letting those trigger happy cops back on the street..I Honsetly do not feel safe with them back..

  3. Is one of his concerns the fact that they could only hit a target once in 42 trys?