Dec 20, 2016

Judge Kelly Neel, I certainly hope so!

Former Deputy District Attorney Ms. Kelly Neel, who currently is  a Deputy Public Defender, is the latest candidate for retired Judge Watson's seat.

She would be my number one choice, given her experience, and seeing her excel both as a prosecutor and a public defender. Ms. Neel also has experience working in the County Counsel's office as well as Child Welfare Services.

She is well liked by the other judges and attorneys.

Governor "Moonbeam" could take a small step in redeeming himself for the disaster of Prop 47 and 57 he has unleashed on Californis by picking Ms. Neel for this seat.

Also, Conflict Counsel's Mr. Greg Elvine-Kreis has thrown in his hat for Judge Watson's seat.

Click on the link below to see two earlier posts on three other possible candidates for retired Judge Watson's seat.

I certainly hope after the Magney vs Adult Protective  disaster, Blair Angus is not in consideration.

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