Dec 29, 2016

Cottage Realty aware of issue,working with website provider

Cottage Realty's Kyra O'Rourke responded this afternoon to the email I sent yesterday and my post.


Thank you for the email and I was already aware of it. I have been working with my website provider and am assured that this will be taken care of soon. My Cottage Realty website is for marketing purposes and is not accessible to my property management program. They are two different entities. My property management program has many levels of security. Even within the property management program, we don't have access to an individual's personal data regarding their bank accounts. I take my tenants and owners personal information very seriously and researched programs for 4 years before making a final decision on upgrading our program. Even with excellent security, we keep very little personal information in the property management program."

This was Ms. O'Rourke's response to the comment about online payments and the person who contacted me about the hack."

"We offer online payments, but as only 7% of my 200 renters use this tool, this has not been a popular tool as of yet and we continue taking rent the way that we always have, with money orders and personal checks. It is simply a tool that can help people pay rent should they be out of town or like the ease of an automatic payment.

" I also had never received a message about my website other than this email from you. I did not have a message from you nor from any "concerned tenant." 

Regarding the above message, I never said in my email, I left a phone message. I emailed Ms. O'Rourke to get her side because the tip was after hours and I only had her work phone. I also sent a message through a mutual contact right away last evening.

What I said in my email was that I as well as clients were trying to reach her.

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